Friday, January 12, 2007

Speed-Strength, First in Boston Marathon Program

The first speed-strength workout embedded in the Boston Marathon program. On my Distance Runs, typical daily run, I am allowed some alternate form of exercise as in cross-training. This workout should complement and allow focus on strength that seemed to have been lacking in last weeks Heartbreak Hill climb.

The back extensions are broken down into 3 sets of ten, lunges are w\o the platform, dips are done in sets of 5 conservatively and working on squat form.

I am happy with the return to this workout, only one interruption. The incline was at 1% the whole time including 6:00 quarters. Total workout 1:33:46.

Going with the 25% weekly MP running, including sub-MP, the total is 10.25M. Week projection is 65 miles; this leaves six miles to do between tomorrow and Sundays 15 mile Long Run. Should I do a few tomorrow or all on the Long Run?

Training: am, treadmill, 8m 59:10, 7:23 pace 141 HR

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