Saturday, January 13, 2007

Twin Peaks

Two new one mile routes that have hills! The first is Belcher-Ford-Buckmaster. The second is the corner of Cudworth-Briant and looping Willis Hill. It may be better to classify these as mounds in comparison to peaks related to mountains.

I ran the Bowker Flats (18:34\7:25) and took on the Belcher Hill in 5:51 crossing the line with a 171 HR. It was a five minute jog to Willis Hill. That was the tougher as two water towers sit atop and there isn’t a flat part. This came down in 6:02 with a HR of 172 crossing the line.

Pleased with the effort ran a cool down for a total of eight miles. This brings the MP total up to 12.25M with 5-6 scheduled for tomorrow’s long run.

Training: am, clear, 45, Twin Peaks, 8m 64:31, 7:46 pace 150 HR

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  1. Nice! Hills are a lot of fun, not to mention the training benefits.