Monday, January 15, 2007

We Want Muscles Like a Ballet Dancer, Springy and Bouncy

with flexible powerful ankles. As noted by Arthur Lydiard in “Running to the Top”.

This week’s activities are to explore Pilates and ensure two Yoga workouts happen.

Google comes up with 28 Percent post written by Mike back in September 2006. First, I went to Jason Karp’s website – ah, you don’t get far there, and then found Mike’s. What spurred this discussion was a Runners World article written by Amby Burfoot. Nicely written piece that brings together some good information. Mike also linked to this McMillan article, I will have to read once again, that covers Long Steady Distance and Fast Finish Long Run.

In summary there is some reading to do, but my current plan seems to be on the mark. It’s basically, alternating Sundays on the Boston Marathon course for 20 miles or so and then 15-mile progression runs opposite Sundays. The goal pace is 7:30 to 6:50 with MP being 6:50 to 7:10. Tempo runs build in on Saturday’s before.

<st1:City w:st=boston marathon_Mile 14.6_Marathon Sports" />Training: am,70,Treadmill,5.0m 39:20

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