Thursday, February 01, 2007

2nd MLR

These runs appear on the program on alternate Thursdays. It’s key that one doesn’t run the Tuesday interval sessions too fast compromising the rest of the week’s w\o’s.


  1. Anxiety of not making the w\o led to an opening 5m at 6:20 pace.
  2. A 5:45 and 5:41 were around mile 5 for some reason.
  3. Before reaching ten I was at least 90 seconds ahead.
  4. Floated a few miles above 6:30 to give back.
  5. Cold weather, able to run with water.
  6. Tried to contain this to reserve for the w\e.

Saturday is a continuous marathon tempo run at the Fresh Pond Race. It’s a 2.5m loop course, you can run one or two loops. The top five male & female are posted in the Boston Sunday Globe. Once again, goal is to stick to the program, i.e. don’t make the paper. Hills on Sunday. Finished January with 290+ miles.

Yesterday: am,65,treadmill, 8.0m 60:35
Training: am,25,fair, 2xHaynes,BF+,13m 1:23:35 162 AHR


  1. Solid runs Mark, you’re definitely putting in the miles now. I like you’re conservative strategy for the race. When training for the CIM my coach had me run a half marathon at my marathon goal pace. I ended up winning (more due to a smaller field as there was a big ½ two weeks later, i.e., the field wasn’t that deep). The kicker though was that the second place person was less then 30” behind me, I was praying the entire time for him not to pass b/c I didn’t know what I would’ve done.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Michael.

    MP is the goal after all the next day is HILLS! Later in the program I have a ten-miler and a half that will most likely be at race pace.