Thursday, February 22, 2007

2x20 Minute Tempo at MP

With the pending snow coming tonight I switched tomorrow’s tempo for today. There was some ice on the roads but overall, acceptable. Morse Road is full of hills along with its lead Mossman that will make an honest runner out of anyone. It’s roughly three miles one way. Outbound was slightly faster as it’s more downhill and the legs are fresher. Came out with a 19:15\6:14 and 19:20\6:21 average per mile pace.

The rest was a jog at Nixon school for 5:35. Historically, I think I used to run this out n’ back in sub 40 minutes. Looks like I may have a little work to do. This is an enjoyable run that is not for the faint of heart and susceptible to injury.

Alex and I had a good two hours of x-country skiing today at the Weston Ski Track. It was a little disheartening to have him blow by me on skate skis compared to my classic skis.

Training Wednesday: am 4M on the mill and 6M pm with the stroller on hills
Training: am,28, fair, 10.5M, 72:46, 6:55\mile, 149 AHR

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  1. Nice run. Get a lot of snow? We only got a dusting up here.