Thursday, February 15, 2007

3rd MLR

Mother Nature brought us a Nor’Easter that put at least five inches of granular snow on the ground. It’s enough to break out the Yardman and clear the drive but too much for a MLR on the roads.

With the help of Bourne Identity, Matt Damon’s breakthrough action movie, I survived my longest training run on the treadmill this build. My cough is still there it just doesn’t send me reeling off the back of the belt. A little pain persists in my lower back; now may be contributed to snow removal.

Hopefully, I am breaking this slump and cold. Our pediatrician noted the cold virus going is lasting from 14-21 days. I am on day 11. Could it possibly clear by this w\e’s ten miler?

I continue to update my training log even if there isn’t a blog post daily. Some days there isn’t time, nothing to say, or just down n out sick.

Training: am, 65, 13.0M, 1:35:01, Treadmill, 154 AHR


  1. Sounds like the same cold bug going around up here. Definitely a pain in the buttocks. Good to hear the training continues though.

    That's a great flick. Very well done movie for it's genre.

  2. Only an hour and half on the 'mill? - Wimp! :)

    Seriously, that definitely sounds like a tough run considering your recent battle with illness. Hope you recover for your 10 miler this weekend. At least you'll be well rested!

  3. Cleared up or not, don't overdo the 10 miler. Hopefully, you can get a nice hard workout out of it.

    You still have time - though I don't know about race opportunities out there - for a tune up race before Boston. I'm doing my tune up race on 3/18.

  4. this cold virus is definately on its way out, now my wife is starting it and hopefully it doesn't make another cycle at me.

    tune up race is also 3/18 a competitive half-marathon