Tuesday, February 20, 2007

3x(800-600-400-200) Distance Play

The local track is buried under snow and driving to an indoor doesn’t fit our current schedule. Thought maybe these could be done on Longfellow but discovered the legs were turning over slow. Went for the mile repeats and took the first at 6:23. Next, was an 800m and quit that about half way through as the legs felt heavy.

From the DOMS feeling this tells me more recovery is needed. Fine, I can deal with that, although now the psyche is back and energy level. WoooooHoooo here we go Boston Marathon! I went for the hills of Mossman\Morse negatively splitting the three miles on the way back as the sun warms us up. It’s supposed to hit above 45 degrees today. That’s much nicer than yesterday’s single digit temperature run.

Training Monday: am, Haynes Loop, 5.0M easy
Training: am,28, fair, 11.75M, 85:00, 7:14\mile, 156 AHR


  1. I usually wait until the Wednesday to do any “training” if I’ve raced on the weekend, good call on pulling the plug. I can remember not too many years ago I would’ve struggled through the w/o wondering why I felt like crap.

  2. Nice going. This weather is definitely much nicer compared to what we've been getting.