Tuesday, February 27, 2007

7x 1000 Workout (2nd)

If there wasn’t snow on the track . . . then it would have been a good chance to beat this same w\o I did about five weeks ago. Snowshoes won out in the ARNWR, eight miles, until one rivet let loose on the toe hold and then the Adrenalines carried the weight.

Best snowshoeing is on fresh or untracked snow. To my surprise I found old heavy equipment tracks on most of the perimeter roads that weren’t plowed to gain access to the weather station. There are x-c ski, snowmobile, snowshoe, four-wheeler, hiking boots and one runner with a very long stride tracks over allot of the trails.

Training: am, 34, ARNWR, 11.25M, 1:48:29, 9:38 pace of snowy fun

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