Thursday, February 08, 2007

Distance 7-9

We received a message on our home answering machine from the police department warning to keep kids and small pets safe from coyotes. A coyote bit a dog on Lincoln Road. Our town posted a bulletin on the website.

Thought I could run the tempo but decided on a distance run. Maybe I can fit in tomorrow or Saturday. Under-dressing for the cold and windy wintry weather won’t help my cold. Maybe the Mucinex as recommended by Eric will bode well.

Training: noon,23/7,Sunny, Morse Road+,9.0m 1:03:41


  1. Not sure about they coyotes down your way, but the ones up here apparently have quite a bit of wolf in their blood and hang out in bigger packs, as opposed to the somewhat solitary nature of full blooded coyotes. Hearing them pack howl at night is pretty awesome to say the least.

  2. out on the reservation, ARNWR, the tales, and possibly tails, grow larger of sightings and howlings

  3. Sorry to hear about the cold, no fun. Good for you for taking some down time, a less experienced/intelligent runner might have trained through that (I include myself in the less intelligent group).