Monday, February 26, 2007

Easy Running Day

Most important part of this post is the Boston Marathon photo to keep all of us “dreamers” focused on the goal. This morning was an easy shakeout as the snow returns for the am commute. Maybe, I can get another in this afternoon.
Boston Marathon Course
If tomorrow’s conditions are awash the intervals may be done out in the ARNWR on snowshoes. Now that would be cool!

Training: am,62,Treadmill, 3.0M, 23:46


  1. Found you through Jamie over at Maine Runner. Looked at your training log... 10x Heartbreak Hill, huh? Makes me interested in driving out just to see what your roads are like.

  2. Drive out anytime. . . those hills aren't going anywhere

  3. Not one snowflake up my way, you guys got all of it this time. Hope the snowshoe run is a good one if you do it!

    Meant to mention it to you on Sunday... I remember you posting about coyotes a few times. I managed to successfully lure one in for a good look at my friend's house in Yarmouth Saturday night. I mimicked a bark-yip combo (territorial call) and a rabbit in distress. Also got two great horned owls to come in close, but we never saw them.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. Sweet pic of the spot we'll be blazing through in April. I am sure I could get plenty of coaching from you. 73 miles last week - not too shabby. I am curious about your yoga and plyometrics routine. Keep it up...

  5. Jamie, that's interesting about the Coyotes on the Cape. I wonder if they are a nuisance there as here.

    ryan, glad you like the pic, I'm not a big mileage runner, the yoga is light and plyometrics are only on the screen. I haven't done or really know any good techniques of them. gee, thanx for pointing that out