Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Long Run Dilemma

Marathon Weekly Mileage

I just ran 22M on this past Saturday as I thought there was a group long run this Sunday, it was last week. I was planning on this 2002 Long Run Schedule coming up:
Week 10=22M Group Long Run
Week 11=15M
Week 12=Race 1\2 Marathon
Week 13=23M Group Long Run

Week 14=14M Easy Pace
Week 15=12M Easy Pace
Week 16-0M as Boston is Monday

Since I was at the Hyannis Marathon and missed the Long Run, the 2007 schedule is:
Week 10=18M
Week 11=24M Group Long Run
Week 12=Race 1\2 Marathon
Week 13=18M

Week 14=14M Easy Pace
Week 15=12M Easy Pace
Week 16-0M as Boston is Monday

The dilemma is week's 10-13 Long Run Mileage. Confidence wise I think the 1\2 Marathon race is important. Current race plan is to not over extend by going out at 6:00\mile and holding for at least seven miles and then running progressively faster.

Your thoughts and comments are encouraged and appreciated. Thanks. -mark


  1. I bow to your superior experience and speed, so will only say that the plan looks great to me. Would the 18-miler at week 13 be at an easy pace, or would you be putting the pedal just a bit more to the medal?

  2. No need to bow as there are many worthy speedsters out there dusting my shoes.

    The second schedule Week 13 would be a standard 30-45 seconds per mile slower than projected MP.

    The schedules are from 2002 (first one) and 2007 (second one)

  3. Tough call, but I like the latter plan. When I ran a half and then followed it up with a tough, long run the week after (3 weeks out from the race) I think I shortchanged my recovery. At that point the hay is pretty much in the barn, though I'd try to keep the intensity up until 10 days or so.

  4. I did a couple workouts last year where I did 7 easy miles before running the half marathon at marathon pace. This makes a good 20 miler with the opportunity to simulate race conditions. The extra miles also prevent the desire to try to run too fast.

    You might consider giving this a try.

  5. I wouldn't want to do the over 20 miler until after the half-marathon, but that's me. I like the idea of accelerating off of a 6 minute pace in the second half of the race. If you pull that off, you are truly ready.
    Generally, I would put more stock into the hard efforts than the mileage, especially as it gets close to the race.

  6. I’d lean toward the second option. I think the half marathon can be used as a key workout and as long as you allow some time for recovery (absorption), there is no reason why you couldn’t handle the 24 miler the week before.

    Although not identical, when I ran the CIM in December, my last 7 weeks looked like this.

    Week 10 2h40
    Week 11 Shawnigan Half Marathon, first 18-k at goal marathon pace, then hard to the finish
    Week 12 2h25
    Week 13 2h

    Week 14 1h50
    Week 15 1h10
    Week 16 Race

    Keep up with the solid training:)

  7. I've got 5 20M or greater runs so far. I am leaning toward the original schedule. There are three tempo runs in the last 11 days of the program.

    1. it's worked for me in the past.
    2. Travel next week, chalk recovery
    3. Gives rest for 1\2 Marathon
    4. 1\2 Marathon is part of Grand Prix
    5. Gives two solid LR from Hopkinton

    1. Not with the group
    2. Risk running too much MP on the training course three weeks out

    thanks for the excellent feedback thus far

  8. I like Dallen's plan cause 20 is such a nice number. Good luck with it!