Sunday, February 18, 2007

REPORT: Week Eight - Boston Marathon Training

Finally, after 12 days the cold virus relaxed its attack on my system allowing energy and health to return. Just in time for the Old Fashioned Ten Mile Race. The race brought courage and disappointment.

High expectations can bring a greater fall to one’s psyche. This was a tough day. First mile I hooked in three BAA runners at 5:45, successive miles followed but I felt the hill surging would cost me. Mile three the legs felt heavy and a side stitch brought on all sorts of negativity. Many runners passed me and each approaching hill took me lower. Another side stitch nailed me around 6.5m. Finally hills were done and I slammed down mile 8-10 around a 5:35 pace on the flats.

Finish 15th Master, 49th overall

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 59 – 84% of max, 24% at MP or faster
Number of Workouts: 6
Stretching: very little
Yoga: None
P\U, S\U: None
Notes: One snowshoe day. Major race
Issues to Note: cold virus lapses
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log,

Training Saturday: pm, Willow Guzzle, 10.0M, 76:42
Race: am,31, fair, 10.0M, 62:03, 6:12\mile, 160 AHR


  1. Great time, and had it not been for the cold, you obviously would have been even faster. It's amazing how much an illness can take out of you. You'll get your revenge, I'm sure.

    I'm really impressed with how low your HR was at that pace. Wow!

  2. Brave effort considering your illness. My experience with being sick prior to a race is that you never really know how you're going to feel until you line up.

    After feeling you legs at mile 3, you overcame mid race doubts to finishing strong. That is something to build on.

  3. I would think you'd be happy with a 62 after the last couple of weeks. It was even a hilly course. That looks like a solid time.

    But what really gets my attention is that 62 was only good for 15th Master. That's a rough neighborhood.

    My back issue appears to be a nerve problem, not muscular damage. Anyway, now it's me hobbling around. How quickly fortunes are reversed.

  4. A good fast time. Good job racing your competitors even if it cost some. Nice 5:35 miles in there when it counts.

    Overall, your finish time is quick and indicative of good speed in those legs. Doing great.

  5. I know what it’s like to be disappointed with a race performance, but rather this one then Boston. Given your last 10 days I think you should take solace in a solid effort and great workout. Here’s to staying healthy for the remaining few weeks.

  6. The next eight weeks healthy would be nice!

    The HR was probably low because the middle miles were excruciatingly slow.

    The hills were relentless. The competition tough. That's the courage to run where your comps are and not shy away.

  7. Nice rice Mike, this should give the legs a good boost for the last push in training. Definitely tough competition too!