Sunday, February 04, 2007

REPORT: Week Six - Boston Marathon Training

I dropped my wife off at Marathon Way in Hopkinton and drove to BC. There I met up with our old running club the BAA. My effort was a so-so 10 repetitions up and down a section of Heartbreak Hill. The carriage roads followed to the fire station and out to Cleveland Circle. Their was a strong Boston Marathon tailwind which made heading out downright cold.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 74 – 108% of max, 12% at MP or faster
Number of Workouts: 7
Stretching: light on pre-run and most post-runs
Yoga: Two
P\U, S\U: Abs of Steel (4)

Notes: The anxiety mental game seems to plague my pacing and keeping me from being relaxed. With an absence from racing the faster paces seem detached. This is contrary to my past where going into a workout my mindset was “I know” I can do this.
Issues to Note: NSTR
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log,

Training: am, 19, fair, 2:23:54, 7:11/mile, 20.0M, 143 HR


  1. Great job on the week and your long run today on hills. Hope you find a race soon to kick off that mental rust. The speed definitely seems like it's there.

  2. Jamie, thanks, race is in two weeks, a ten-miler down in Foxboro, MA.

  3. Solid run Mark.
    How about posting some pics of the infamous Heartbreak Hill?