Friday, February 16, 2007

Snowshoeing - Rest Day – Poor Farm Meadow

EXHILERATING! Snowshoeing is the cross training activity that really kicks up the snow and is allot of fun. For my Boston Marathon training it is allowed to cross-train on distance days, I am just extending it to a rest day. Wise decision or not?

The windchill at daybreak was -17 degrees Fahrenheit, its cold. I finally remembered out how to layer correctly, my fingers didn’t freeze. My wife gave me a real cool Adidas beanie for Valentines Day to keep my head warm.

It felt like I was ten years old, cruising through the Poor Farm Meadow blazing a new trail. The snow is fresh and crisp. It’s sturdy enough to keep the wild turkeys from breaking through but not this heavy-weight under-trained runner. On the return the fun continued as I stayed on the side of the road scaling snow mounds. An occasional rock wall presented itself as an edgy challenge to inline run and bound to a four foot drop. If only every run was as much fun at ten minutes per mile.

Tubbs Racing SnowshoesPoor Farm Meadow

Training: am, 14, 4.0M, Snowshoes, 40 minutes 146 AHR


  1. Nice! Good cross training for sure. I think mine will see some use soon (I'm off all of next week).

  2. When we had our big snow, I ran 45 minutes through the city in nearly knee-high wet snow in my hiking boots. It was a blast. But 17 below zero is a bit on the cold side for sure.

  3. It's a great workout for those inner thigh muscles and low impact too (assuming you don't crash).

  4. I like the countdown clock Mark. 54 days and counting....

    I'm we all can just avoid injury & illness - Hopkinton, here we come!