Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tempo-Fresh Pond, Treadmill Progression

While watching the Guardian we heard a loud metal sound that could’ve been a snowplow striking it’s blade to clear the roads. Turns out the SUV, earlier doing 180s, had smashed into our stone wall. There is a possibility it is the same driver that striped our lawn last spring.

Mother Nature made the call in not allowing weather permitting for the Fresh Pond Race. I resorted to the treadmill with hesitancy and anxiety. The mind didn’t have it in me to crank out 5-6.5 miles at a 6:00 pace. While listening to the finish of the 2006 Boston Marathon I started the pace at 8:00 and increased it one level every minute until 6:30. By then my HR was running about 165 so started to bring the pace back to 8:00.

The first five went down at a 7:15 average pace with 20 ounces of Gatorade Endurance. I finished 20 oz. of water on the next five miles. The troubling factors are most likely mental, hydration and a little over six hours sleep.

This could’ve been an excellent morning to run with the group. Something I don’t get enough of. Surely they would’ve pushed me along. Tomorrow brings hills, let’s hope some of this snow melts.

Yesterday: pm,35,Water Row, Stroller, 9.9m 76:12\7:41, 138 AHR
Training: am,65,treadmill, 8.0m 59:13\7:24 151 AHR


  1. Ah, snow... spent the morning sledding on the hill in the backyard and pelting the girl I'm dating with snowballs. It's delayed my run a bit.

    Thanks for the well wishes for me tomorrow... and good luck with the hills tomorrow for you.

  2. I'm doing hill repeats tomorrow and hoping for our snow to be gone as well. I haven't been up to my favorite lung-burning hill in awhile.

    My brother-in-law is Coast Guard. I'll have to check out that film. My mother-in-law will appreciate the link.