Friday, February 09, 2007

Tempo Work Postponed

I slowed down after five minutes of a 6:22 pace on the treadmill realizing it was too much effort for what its worth. Felt the need to cough at mile six but was hesitant as it stopped my w\o the other day. Luckily my long arms caught the treadmill bar to hold me up from falling over when I did. From then on breathing was taken cautiously as to not repeat and finish the nine miles.

Training: am,62, Treadmill, 9.0M, 66:48, 147 AHR


  1. Those coughs are frickin' annoying. It sounds like you have something very similiar to what I had. At least you're able to run with it though. Very nice pace, even with taking it easy.

  2. You're at that point in recovery where it is hard to tell whether you should train or rest. Good call not to irritate your lungs further with a tempo pace effort.