Thursday, March 29, 2007

6th MLR Going by Feel

The Adrenalines felt better than two weeks ago; now that I cut out a section of the left heel material. This run started at 7:00/m as Kyle, fellow BAA master compatriot, and I chatted away. I mentioned we would gain some of that back as the start is more uphill. Next mile was 6:38, less chatter, then a 5:40. What? Maybe Garmin cut the corner; tells me I should layout mile markers.

The rest of this run was purely by how I felt to ensure it was within the target 6:30 pace. When the flats arrived, last 3 miles, the pace eased as there was plenty of time in the bank. Am I to run Boston feeling so apprehensive in making the pace?

What’s Next?

  1. I am to substitute Saturday’s Fresh Pond (flat 5m) with the Morse Road OutnBack (hilly 6M) at Marathon Pace.
  2. Long Run on Sunday, 14 miles, calls for easy pace, what’s that? 7:00/mile?

Training: am,43, sun, 13.0M, 1:21:49, 6:19\mile

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

2007 Boston Marathon a Breakthrough Race?

Mike’s comment from yesterday begs the question of will the 2007 Boston be a breakthrough race? Andrew's visualization comment has me inspired to "bust" all of, at least last year's marathon PRs

My last Boston was 2002; then life-changing events played their role for the next four. It was last year that I realized there was unfinished running with PRs to be broken. Since then I’ve been sick, injured, and slow; haven’t set a single PR. Okay, there is base building, conditioning, training, mindset….marathoning is such a long process.

We need to focus on what’s going to happen on race day. I made this chart:

Mark's Boston Marathon Racing

What analysis may be drawn from my experiences and goal? The 2007 is from the Boston Marathon Pacing spreadsheet. My weekly mileage will need to be updated to help with analysis.

Training: am, 50, sun, stroller, 7.0M, 55:16, 7:54 pace

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

3x 2000 Workout (2nd). Run How You Feel

Boston Marathon

Ignore the splits, except the first one and the result. Inspired by this quote:

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I headed east to the Airbase in search of a non-snow covered track and was rewarded with a good workout. Ran an easy three mile w\u in 21:57, switched to the trainers and ran 3 x 2000 in 1-6:52, 2-6:48, 3-6:54 working on relaxing and running as if this were a 10K. I last ran this workout January 23 with 1-7:20, 2-7:26, 3-7:29.

Interestingly, there is a McMillan Running printout in my office that says I should run these between 6:47.5 and 6:55.5; didn’t know that when I started. Oh, that’s for a 2:42:45 marathon, well that would be an almost ten minute Master PR for this runner. But, wait, am I not shooting for 6:00\mile marathon? We will see. . . hummph

Training: am, 54, sun, HAFB, 10.0M 1:11:11, 7:06 pace
Training: pm, 57, sun, stroller, 4.0M, 31:55, 7:58 pace

Sunday, March 25, 2007

REPORT: Week Thirteen - Boston Marathon Training

Looks like the barn door is open to bring this horse in, it's time. . .

A meat tenderizer may have done just as good a job on my leg muscles for the 80 miles I logged this week, a PR for this program. This completes the training and racing phase, by far the toughest of the three. Next is the taper.

First, let’s reflect that in the last thirteen plus weeks the legs have been going from a struggling 2:52 marathon to something faster… Playing it smart by not over doing it in the next 21 days should support adequate muscle recovery, glycogen loading and the right mental state. With the reduced mileage focus should turn to formulating a race strategy and hitting all key workout goals. There are 7-9 key workouts the way I read the schedule.

It will be interesting to watch the percentage of weekly miles at MP. I suspect this number will increase over the next 17-21 scheduled runs. What would be a good target? I am thinking 20-25% would help support a positive mental attitude. I read Michael’s comment about not targeting a sub-2:40. He makes a good point and I sincerely need to realize that the muscles are fatigued to the point of affecting peak performance. But, as I posted yesterday, this can be a seriously tough run for those pushing the limits. You gotta run smart after putting in all the hard work.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 80 – 101% of max, 19%? at MP or faster
Number of Workouts: 8
Stretching: some and it feels good
Yoga: one, need to add the second one (again)
P\U, S\U: 40\60 or something similar

Notes: Hardest training week of the program.
Issues to Note: wore old NBs three times and now notice niggles in right upper shin; three week old pair of Brooks is wreaking chafing on my left heel, resorted to old pair Brooks and blister bandaid
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log, fewer miles, it’s not putting the feet up on the couch

Saturday, March 24, 2007

7th 20-Miler, Past Lesson

Boston Marathon
follow that car to get to Boston in about four miles!

It’s raining now and should turn over to snow with an accumulation of 3-6" by tomorrow. The weather is always an important factor here around Boston for running. With a trip over to MIT this morning it was easy enough to drive over to Cleveland Circle and start the run at the 22 mile marker.

After the first few miles I wondered why I was carrying 52 ounces of fluid. I would stop five miles later to station one bottle and re-fill the other. On the return I would do another re-fill and carry the empty. This time of year there are plenty of other runners and support crews along the route that my fluid stash method is not necessary. Is best to save those for the frigid months when very few soles are out here running.

The first ten miles clicked off just fine, picking it up after five and running against the flow of traffic and streaming marathoners.

In Wellesley at mile 12 I made turn and pushed to get marathon pace. The question is what is MP? I’ve been forcing myself to run 6:00\mile; today with no HR monitor it was all by feel. I felt alright, by the time 15 miles had gone by the pace was starting to slip.

Last week’s race, this week’s demanding workouts and fifteen miles accumulated fatigue in my legs. When I started up after the fluid re-fill, the next five miles were progressively slower and the Newton Hills once again earned my respect.

Today’s lesson is an old one learned from Boston Marathon racing. With the course’s first sixteen miles primarily downhill the legs are hard pressed to run the hills of Newton. One must not sit easy calculating a Boston goal pace without taking these dynamics in consideration.

I respectfully draw back on going out on Marathon Monday at a 6:00\mile pace this year. What pace would be best considering the training?


A respectfully Boston Marathon race day simulation. It’s gonna be tough race!
AM, 46, Sunny, 20M, 6:51 average, six in 32:18(6:27)

Friday, March 23, 2007

15K Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon

This photo was taken on the day I ran hill repeats in Newton. On the right is the lake Tarzan Brown took a swim; you might catch a breeze running through this section. I may get a few shots tomorrow if I carry a camera. Are there any requests?

I tried to scale back to 8:00\mile pace with the stroller today. The old worn out pair of NBs on my soles kept me from pushing too hard. Tonight I will have to drill out the section of shoe on my Brooks to make them usable for tomorrow’s long run.

Training: 9 miles, 1:10:04, 7:47 pace, w/stroller on the LEAP loop (new course, not quite warmed up to it yet)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

3 x 15 Min. at MP – Fear Be Gone!

Five minute jogs between the three fifteen minute marathon pace runs was good enough to lessen the fears of hitting a 6:00\mile Boston Marathon pace run. It feels like I force myself to run the 6:00 minute pace right from the get-go, week one of training, versus progressively moving the mark. That is my history and it seems to work. Maybe on the next marathon I will try it differently.

Going into this I thought yesterday’s ten mile stroller run at 7:28 pace was too much following the MONSTER snowshoeing run on Tuesday. I tried an ice bath yesterday for ten minutes. I have no clue how to do one, finally resorted to kneeling, lower legs submerged, for 30 second intervals. Does anyone know how to do these? It was feeling pretty good later on; like a spa treatment. Not that I go to the spa or that I needed to do the ice.

Belcher Hill - 7:20\6:57

Bowker Flats
1 – 14:37\5:44
2 – 14:44\5:47
3 – 14:49\5:57

Mossman Loop c\d 25:41\7:20

One mile split was checked to see if pace was on and the rest was by “feel”. The first loop told me to slow down and so did the second, the third brought it to about where I wanted it. The effort was solid, although not a pace to nail a marathon right now, but in 24 days that could be different.

My Brooks Adrenaline left heel issue is getting to be a serious issue. I put on an old pair of NBs to run the cool down. The left heel is rubbing painfully; it created a hole in the shoe fabric and is doing a number on the rise of my heel. This needs to be corrected; only been wearing these shoes for less than three weeks.

#1704 is my Official Boston Marathon bib number. I am very glad that it’s the first corral; I had concerns any further back would be an issue. I’ll write my thoughts up on corrals later in my Boston tips.

13.5 miles, 1:27:30, 6:28 pace, w/7.5 miles at 5:53 pace

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

2x(4x800) MONSTER Snowshoeing

New Bedford Half Marathon
Yesterday was a modified 2x(4x800) as in MONSTER snowshoeing in the Poor Farm Meadow. Thirteen minutes to get there and first trail blaze was ten minutes. The northerly facing side, Marlborough Road, has crustier snow making it difficult to punch through.

I elected to run successive out and back three minute legs with 90 second rest and five minutes between sets on the Southern exposure. Each run was longer as the snowshoe trail was better used and the rest were done as return walks to smoothen out the run leads. By the end of about four miles my legs were very heavy and felt like gravity was getting the better of keeping me upright in addition my toes were freezing.

I finished off the morning with a casual run through the neighborhood to get a total of nine miles. The pm workout was an easy shakeout on the treadmill for three miles and some light yoga work for stretching.

The leg muscles are currently a knotted mess despite a good tub soaking and massage. Maybe this is a good time to pull out the stick and do some casual rolling throughout the day.

Training: am,9M,11:18 Snowshoe, pm,64,3M, shakeout

Monday, March 19, 2007

Easy Day, New Bedford Splits compared to Winner

(to read: my splits precede each line with an underscore)

30th New Bedford Half Marathon Live Log from the Press Truck

11:00 a.m. The race is off to a good start here on this brisk, windy day.

5:52_At mile marker one: 4:53

12:02_We're at mile marker two for a time of 9:57

18:25_Mile marker three time: 15:19

24:36(6:10)_Mile marker four time: 20:30 (mile was done in 5:11)

30:21(5:45)_Mile marker five time: 25:12 (mile was done in 4:42)

36:09(5:48)_Mile marker six time: 29:57 (mile was done in 4:45)

41:46(5:36)_Mile marker seven time: 34:31 (mile was done in 4:34)

47:19(5:32)_Mile marker eight time: 39:08 (mile was done in 4:37)

We are now round Rodney French Boulevard and the weather conditions are very windy and chilly. The clock is still counting at 42 minutes with one race leader in sight.

53:13(5:53)_Mile marker nine time: 44:03 (mile was done in 4:55)

The race leader is now heading by Fort Taber and continuing down Rodney French Boulevard.

59:05(5:52)_Mile marker ten time: 48:58 (mile was done in 4:55)

65:16(6:10)_Mile marker eleven time: 54:11 (mile was done in 5:11)

The race now continues up County Street for the final stretches of the marathon.

71:28(6:12)_Mile marker twelve time: 59:23 (mile was done in 5:12)

We are now racing back to the finish line to greet the winners... more to come soon from the finish line.

Winners and all race results to be announced...78:08(5:58)_my finish

rather interesting as it appears my pace was approximately 60 seconds off the top money.

Training: pm,treadmill, 64, 5M in 39:44 all feels good

Sunday, March 18, 2007

REPORT: Week Twelve - Boston Marathon Training

We are back to the core training this week with 6x1600, 13M MLR and a Half Marathon Race. Feels like all is in good motion; although the recent dumping of snow may curtail some of this week’s upcoming training.

The good news is the New Bedford New England Half Marathon Championships was a good confidence builder for me. I am ditching the idea of running with a Garmin or HR monitor in all future races. Didn’t wear it today and it helped. Back to old school and run how you feel, thanks Eric.

1M-5:52, 2M-6:10/12:02, 3M-6:23/18:25,

4M-6:10/24:36, 5M-5:45/30:21, 6M-5:48/36:09,

7M-5:36/41:46, 8M-5:32/47:19,9M-5:53/53:13,

10M-5:52/59:05, 11M-6:10/65:16,

12M-6:12, 13.1M-6:40/78:08

Ran conservative from the start buried in a massive sea of runners trying to keep from getting tripped up. Didn’t realize the 5:32 hit until reviewing the splits later—this felt more like my form and can’t wait to get back to it! The hill and wind pulled the pace back in the latter miles, while still passing runners through to the finish.

All splits from my watch and unofficial time. 19th Master/90th place Overall. The winds were a huge factor. This is a fast course with hills at miles 2 and 3 and then 11 and 12. The course was once the World Record held by Ingrid Kristiansen.

2007 Results: BAA Masters team (2nd) ranged (1:16:58 to 1:22:28 for a total of 6:39:48). I was the second BAA placing Master for the team. Seven minutes slower than last year. Whirlaway won with 6:14:26, six minutes slower. The 100th runner finished in a time of 1:19:29\6:04.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 58 – 79% of max, 29% at MP or faster
Number of Workouts: 7
Stretching: getting better
Yoga: one, need to add the second one
P\U, S\U: 40\60

Notes: Good week as starting to the form and confidence built. Starting to work the mental training especially with the race.
Issues to Note: small of back sluggishness maybe from working the snow blower.
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log,

Friday, March 16, 2007

Race Weekend New Bedford Half Marathon

One recommendation I received is to skip the 7-10 miler on Saturday to rest a little before Sunday’s race. Your thoughts? The race is a key confidence builder and the ultimate goal is the Boston Marathon. Maybe some walking and a yoga session.

Recently we re-affiliated with the BAA and are gearing up for the racing season. Notably it is the New England Grand Prix series. I asked the head coach to review my training log and he noted, “Very solid”.

The last time I ran New Bedford was five years ago with a time around 1:14. Sunday it’s a toss up of what pace to run? Earlier I was thinking go 6:00 flat for eight and then hammer. Now, self doubt is settling in and 6:15 may be a more conservative approach. hmmm what to do?

2006 Results: BAA Masters team (2nd) ranged (1:13:26\5:36 to 1:21:58\6:15 for a total of 6:32:32). Whirlaway won with 6:08:09. 40-49 Award placement was 1:11:09\5:26 to 1:11:30\5:28! 2006 NE Grand Prix minimum time for points, (top ten Masters) was 1:14:17\5:40 for 49th overall. John Tuttle, a Master, was the 100th runner in a time of 1:18:47\6:01.

A major Nor'Easter snowstorm hit us hard. It took over one filling of the Yardman with gas to clear the drives. Sunday should be 30 degrees with a "feels like" at 21 and 18 mph winds out of the WSW.

Training: am,62,treadmill,8M,7:37/mile

Thursday, March 15, 2007

5th MLR, Starting to Groove

With the exception of technical difficulties this run was good. The Garmin gapped several lengths; I will need to keep it away from our curious two year old. Polar reported my AHR at 46, yeh right. The Brooks Adrenaline is causing friction in my left heel. Interestingly, I could still feel some minor leg stiffness from Tuesday’s intervals.

I took Eric’s advice and did yoga. I was skipping the yoga strength stuff and focusing on the stretching. I firmly believe two good stretches a week are best to keep one limber and for injury prevention.

Training: am,48, slight mist, 13.0M, 1:24:11, 6:29\mile

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

REPORT: Week Eleven - Boston Marathon Training

Recover training week with summer temperatures in Florida’s concrete jungle. My daily routine and diet were amiss and the running surfaces called for much slower paces. All is well though as it is a much needed rest period before the next two hard training weeks and then it’s taper time.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 66 – 106% of max, 6% at MP or faster
Number of Workouts: 9
Stretching: a little lower back issue maybe from lifting\concrete
Yoga: none-no desire
P\U, S\U: thought about it

Notes: Brutally cold weather for the 1M-2M-1M the day we traveled. Took it easy the rest of the week as it the heat and humidity takes a little out. Boston Marathon official entrant bingo card received. I'm in!!!
Issues to Note: little issue in small of back, right side niggles in right upper inner calf no ice; this is hardly worth mentioning.
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log, I posted the next two weeks.

Training: Alumni Field, 3-4 x (1600) at Marathon Pace,3 minute rest, am,38, (6) 6:05, 6:01, 6:00, 5:59, 6:01, 6:03. These all felt Very Good. The black ice on ends required diversion to lane five. A new frost heave appeared on lane one-two straight.

It was good to get on the track for a pacing sanity check in preparation for this weekend’s New Bedford Half Marathon Race which is part of the New England Grand Prix Series.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Boston Marathon pacing spreadsheet

Attention all Boston Marathon Racers!!!
Check out this spreadsheet for you\family on race day; very comprehensive.

Originator Link
A posting from the Runner's World Forum:
Boston Marathon pacing spreadsheet

Note: may take some time to load

The elevation profile page includes all the pacing information for every mile on the elevation chart (pace, total elapsed time, time of day), plus it shows your 5K and half marathon splits. If needed, this page can now be used as a spectator guide. Be sure to fully expand the page when you open it in order to see the required tabs at the bottom of the page.
Blue Lagoon_1

1M-2M-1M - Temperature Delta 100 Degrees?

This was another brutally cold run on Belcher Hill in the early morning hours. I wore thin gloves underneath the arctic mittens. Windchill reports were coming in at -30 degrees F.

Garmin Splits (distance\time\pace):
w\u = 2.5M\20:25\8:01
1M = 6:29\6:06
rest = 3:09
2M = 12:50\6:10
rest = 3:29
1M = 6:08\5:48
c\d = 30:15\7:41

Later in the day; we goto warmer climates. It's over 75 degrees F.

blue sky and palm trees

Training: am, 65, Stroller, jogging trail, 8M\67:32\8:25 pace\133 AHR, felt slow

Monday, March 05, 2007

Rest Day – Hopkinton Start Photo

Hopkinton Green - Start Line

Poor quality photo as I was rushed to get going yesterday morning. This am, everything felt good with an easy three miles on the treadmill. I have a feeling warmer climates are coming soon. . .

Sunday, March 04, 2007

REPORT: Week Ten - Boston Marathon Training

I had a tough training week with the weather taking the best of optimum results.

Down the Hatch Plan and Actual Data
Mile 1-8 = 7:30 pace, actual 7:01 (63:16)
Mile 9-14 = Goal MP (6:00), actual 6:06 (30:30)
Mile 15-23 = 7:00 or better, actual 6:59 (62:57)
Total 23 miles in 2:36:43, 6:49 pace, am,36,12 mph tailwind

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 76.25 – 104% of max, 6.5% at MP or faster
Number of Workouts: 8
Stretching: some, muscles are looser
Yoga: two
P\U, S\U: 150/300

Notes: Excellent training week, drained muscle fibers looking for recovery. I broke out a new pair of Brooks Adrenaline on Thursday. MP % is lower due to snowshoeing.
Issues to Note: little issue in small of back, right side niggles in right upper inner calf occasional ice.
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log,

Down the Hatch Plan

The long run goal for Sunday morning is to begin on the Boston Marathon starting line in Hopkinton. Finish is Cleveland Circle, post 22 miles, look down Beacon Street and return until 23 miles are done.

Mile 1-8 = 7:30 pace
Mile 9-14 = Goal MP (6:00)
Mile 15-23 = 7:00 or better

Yesterdays morning run was bagged shortly after ¾ mile due to pervasive black ice. It rained endlessly the day before. I turned around on a small hill and was easily skate/sliding for 100 meters effortlessly in the center of the street.

Later a family run with stroller at easy pace as the temperatures easily pushed into the mid-50’s under the bright sunshine. Shorts running in March here is unbelievable but nice.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Recovery Shakeout

Mile 18 (reverse photo)

Best part of this post is the photo of what you won't see in front of you when running. It's because I took this shot heading home on Commonwealth Avenue. This is right before mile 18; a nice downhill and taste of the hills to follow.

Training: pm, 65, Treadmill, eight miles at eight minute\mile pace

Thursday, March 01, 2007

4th MLR, Depleted Muscle Fiber

First off, thanks for your comments on my Long Run Dilemma post. I've got six 18M or greater runs so far. I am leaning toward the 2002 schedule and there are three tempo runs in the last 11 days of the program.

2002 Schedule

1. it's worked for me in the past.
2. Travel next week, chalk recovery
3. Gives rest for 1\2 Marathon
4. 1\2 Marathon is part of Grand Prix
5. Gives two solid LR from Hopkinton, important downhill training

1. Not with the group
2. Risk running too much MP on the training course three weeks out

This is one of the heavy training weeks. The snowshoe workout was a MONSTER on Tuesday. Wednesday’s run was a double, the second one with the stroller up and down hills. This is all in an effort to deplete the muscle fibers to the max.

This morning I felt the change when a “wheel came loose” around mile seven after a long downhill approaching the long climb up. Within the next two miles the HR would average 158, 155 and then 152. I tried pushing the effort and realized that “wheel came off” and speed was going nowhere.

Now I was on the Bowker Flats. Mile eleven saw the HR go 152, 147 and 143. At this point one can get crazy and start pushing the effort or realize the legs had enough. The muscle fibers were drained; not even a cool down run, just a simple walk back home.

Splits: 6:24,7:05,6:12,6:28,7:48,6:52,6:29,7:24,6:20. Garmin was all over the place-need mile markers as it’s a clear day and it shouldn’t screw up like this.

Note: SportTracks map shows missing GPS data from mile nine where it makes a straight jump that correlates with the unit’s lost GPS signal.

Next two days are distance; probably will take it easy. Sunday is shaping up to be a Long Run from Hopkinton. May make this a fast-LR or try MP for miles 6\9-14. Your thoughts?

Training: am,30, fair, 2xHaynes, Bowker Flats 11.0M, 1:15:14, 6:50\M 156 AHR