Friday, March 23, 2007

15K Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon

This photo was taken on the day I ran hill repeats in Newton. On the right is the lake Tarzan Brown took a swim; you might catch a breeze running through this section. I may get a few shots tomorrow if I carry a camera. Are there any requests?

I tried to scale back to 8:00\mile pace with the stroller today. The old worn out pair of NBs on my soles kept me from pushing too hard. Tonight I will have to drill out the section of shoe on my Brooks to make them usable for tomorrow’s long run.

Training: 9 miles, 1:10:04, 7:47 pace, w/stroller on the LEAP loop (new course, not quite warmed up to it yet)


  1. You make me jealous, practicing on the holy grounds. Don't break a leg!

  2. Be willing to bail on the long run if something happens with your foot. It's not worth it to be nursing a big blister or skin abrasion this close to the race. Plus the friction changes your gait changes and so on.

  3. Sorry you've had to resort to drilling the Adrenalines. I haven't had that problem myself, but I guess everyone has a different set of feet. Good luck with the long run. My pal here just did his last 20 miler for Boston yesterday and tagged on one extra mile for good luck. He ran 2:43 there last year and hopefully will be under 2:40. I'll tell him to look for the guy with the bleeding heel.

  4. It might be the angle of the shot, but that hill doesn't look very steep to me.

    Good luck with the shoe/foot, that's the kind of worry you don't need so soon before the marathon isn't it?

  5. It's an open course come on down and run anytime. Plenty of company out there this time of year.

    excellent advice oldlobo, I'll read and heed

    Mike, what's your buddies number, he may be good to pace with. The first pair of GTS6s worked fine, what is up with this pair?

    thomas, your right about the shot, it's not a hill, it's totally flat next to the water. the hill(s) are about seven miles further down the road