Wednesday, March 28, 2007

2007 Boston Marathon a Breakthrough Race?

Mike’s comment from yesterday begs the question of will the 2007 Boston be a breakthrough race? Andrew's visualization comment has me inspired to "bust" all of, at least last year's marathon PRs

My last Boston was 2002; then life-changing events played their role for the next four. It was last year that I realized there was unfinished running with PRs to be broken. Since then I’ve been sick, injured, and slow; haven’t set a single PR. Okay, there is base building, conditioning, training, mindset….marathoning is such a long process.

We need to focus on what’s going to happen on race day. I made this chart:

Mark's Boston Marathon Racing

What analysis may be drawn from my experiences and goal? The 2007 is from the Boston Marathon Pacing spreadsheet. My weekly mileage will need to be updated to help with analysis.

Training: am, 50, sun, stroller, 7.0M, 55:16, 7:54 pace

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  1. Go for it! Just don't pull a "Jamie at Hyannis 2007" and I'm sure you're going to rock it.