Wednesday, March 21, 2007

2x(4x800) MONSTER Snowshoeing

New Bedford Half Marathon
Yesterday was a modified 2x(4x800) as in MONSTER snowshoeing in the Poor Farm Meadow. Thirteen minutes to get there and first trail blaze was ten minutes. The northerly facing side, Marlborough Road, has crustier snow making it difficult to punch through.

I elected to run successive out and back three minute legs with 90 second rest and five minutes between sets on the Southern exposure. Each run was longer as the snowshoe trail was better used and the rest were done as return walks to smoothen out the run leads. By the end of about four miles my legs were very heavy and felt like gravity was getting the better of keeping me upright in addition my toes were freezing.

I finished off the morning with a casual run through the neighborhood to get a total of nine miles. The pm workout was an easy shakeout on the treadmill for three miles and some light yoga work for stretching.

The leg muscles are currently a knotted mess despite a good tub soaking and massage. Maybe this is a good time to pull out the stick and do some casual rolling throughout the day.

Training: am,9M,11:18 Snowshoe, pm,64,3M, shakeout


  1. Nice workout (& picture) but take care of the legs. We’re in sight of the finish line and we’ve got to make sure we get there healthy.

    How are you feeling otherwise, when are you starting the taper?

  2. michael thanx for the concern, the workout was on the edge, hmmm

    all is good, taper starts 3 weeks out

    you seem to be shaping up well for London, good luck