Thursday, March 22, 2007

3 x 15 Min. at MP – Fear Be Gone!

Five minute jogs between the three fifteen minute marathon pace runs was good enough to lessen the fears of hitting a 6:00\mile Boston Marathon pace run. It feels like I force myself to run the 6:00 minute pace right from the get-go, week one of training, versus progressively moving the mark. That is my history and it seems to work. Maybe on the next marathon I will try it differently.

Going into this I thought yesterday’s ten mile stroller run at 7:28 pace was too much following the MONSTER snowshoeing run on Tuesday. I tried an ice bath yesterday for ten minutes. I have no clue how to do one, finally resorted to kneeling, lower legs submerged, for 30 second intervals. Does anyone know how to do these? It was feeling pretty good later on; like a spa treatment. Not that I go to the spa or that I needed to do the ice.

Belcher Hill - 7:20\6:57

Bowker Flats
1 – 14:37\5:44
2 – 14:44\5:47
3 – 14:49\5:57

Mossman Loop c\d 25:41\7:20

One mile split was checked to see if pace was on and the rest was by “feel”. The first loop told me to slow down and so did the second, the third brought it to about where I wanted it. The effort was solid, although not a pace to nail a marathon right now, but in 24 days that could be different.

My Brooks Adrenaline left heel issue is getting to be a serious issue. I put on an old pair of NBs to run the cool down. The left heel is rubbing painfully; it created a hole in the shoe fabric and is doing a number on the rise of my heel. This needs to be corrected; only been wearing these shoes for less than three weeks.

#1704 is my Official Boston Marathon bib number. I am very glad that it’s the first corral; I had concerns any further back would be an issue. I’ll write my thoughts up on corrals later in my Boston tips.

13.5 miles, 1:27:30, 6:28 pace, w/7.5 miles at 5:53 pace


  1. Your training is coming together wonderfully. I've done the ice baths when I've been overly sore. I just submerge (sit) for about 10 minutes into cold water out of the tap with ice added from the freezer. To take my mind off of it, I drink a cup of tea at the same time.

    Congrats on the first corral. My 3:05:xx got me the third corral and talk about crowded!

    I'll be glued to the computer on Patriots Day!

  2. thanx Andrew.

    You must have an insanely strong mental capacity to endure such cold temperatures of an ice bath. :-)

    I've been in the third corral and it makes running all the more tougher on the narrow Hopkinton start.

  3. Come back an visit corral 6 some day if you want to see crowded! I've got 6678 this year. Great work on the 3xmp, that's a nice workout.

  4. Mike, one of my early Boston's started in corral 8, been there and done that--That's a nice bib number 6678, might be good for a lottery ticket, I'll split the winnings with you if it wins. Good Luck hope to see ya there!

  5. I occasionally use ice baths (great results) and do exactly what Andrew does, fill the tub full of cold water and dump a LOT of ice cubes in. I can’t last more then 5’ though… never tried the hot tea (next time).

    You guys have me jealous all this talk about Boston, next year:)

  6. Wow...your training is looking fantastic. You're primed for a good race. Nice work, Mark!