Tuesday, March 27, 2007

3x 2000 Workout (2nd). Run How You Feel

Boston Marathon

Ignore the splits, except the first one and the result. Inspired by this quote:

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I headed east to the Airbase in search of a non-snow covered track and was rewarded with a good workout. Ran an easy three mile w\u in 21:57, switched to the trainers and ran 3 x 2000 in 1-6:52, 2-6:48, 3-6:54 working on relaxing and running as if this were a 10K. I last ran this workout January 23 with 1-7:20, 2-7:26, 3-7:29.

Interestingly, there is a McMillan Running printout in my office that says I should run these between 6:47.5 and 6:55.5; didn’t know that when I started. Oh, that’s for a 2:42:45 marathon, well that would be an almost ten minute Master PR for this runner. But, wait, am I not shooting for 6:00\mile marathon? We will see. . . hummph

Training: am, 54, sun, HAFB, 10.0M 1:11:11, 7:06 pace
Training: pm, 57, sun, stroller, 4.0M, 31:55, 7:58 pace


  1. Excellent training! You'll know the score when your cruising down 135 through Natick. Relax, you're in control. 6 or 6:10 you're on your way to a beautiful portrait of marathon excellence.

    Here it comes... time to visualize, time to see Bolyston's final 400. Easy rider... You're powerful. Ready to run, ready to race.

    Go to it. First 20.5 on your terms.

    Last 10k hell bent for leather...

  2. I like this kind of speedwork, and what you said about imagining running a 10K makes good sense for intervals of this length.

    As for figuring out marathon pace, it seems damn near impossible sometimes, especially if you're going for a breakthrough race. I still think your MP workouts are the best indicator, specifically how well you recover from them. The taper should hopefully help you bump up in fitness a bit too.

  3. Your improvement since January has been great. With Andrew's inspiration/visualization, and Mike's analysis... you'll be fine. I agree with Mike though, I think the best indicator is the MP w/o's, you'll be fine come race day and we will all be cheering for you!