Thursday, March 01, 2007

4th MLR, Depleted Muscle Fiber

First off, thanks for your comments on my Long Run Dilemma post. I've got six 18M or greater runs so far. I am leaning toward the 2002 schedule and there are three tempo runs in the last 11 days of the program.

2002 Schedule

1. it's worked for me in the past.
2. Travel next week, chalk recovery
3. Gives rest for 1\2 Marathon
4. 1\2 Marathon is part of Grand Prix
5. Gives two solid LR from Hopkinton, important downhill training

1. Not with the group
2. Risk running too much MP on the training course three weeks out

This is one of the heavy training weeks. The snowshoe workout was a MONSTER on Tuesday. Wednesday’s run was a double, the second one with the stroller up and down hills. This is all in an effort to deplete the muscle fibers to the max.

This morning I felt the change when a “wheel came loose” around mile seven after a long downhill approaching the long climb up. Within the next two miles the HR would average 158, 155 and then 152. I tried pushing the effort and realized that “wheel came off” and speed was going nowhere.

Now I was on the Bowker Flats. Mile eleven saw the HR go 152, 147 and 143. At this point one can get crazy and start pushing the effort or realize the legs had enough. The muscle fibers were drained; not even a cool down run, just a simple walk back home.

Splits: 6:24,7:05,6:12,6:28,7:48,6:52,6:29,7:24,6:20. Garmin was all over the place-need mile markers as it’s a clear day and it shouldn’t screw up like this.

Note: SportTracks map shows missing GPS data from mile nine where it makes a straight jump that correlates with the unit’s lost GPS signal.

Next two days are distance; probably will take it easy. Sunday is shaping up to be a Long Run from Hopkinton. May make this a fast-LR or try MP for miles 6\9-14. Your thoughts?

Training: am,30, fair, 2xHaynes, Bowker Flats 11.0M, 1:15:14, 6:50\M 156 AHR


  1. That's frustrating when the Garmin doesn't lock in. Great times though, even if it felt tough. Nice job.

  2. Lucky dog, able to practice on the course! Hope the weather is good. I know it would be hard for me to do anything less than MP for as long as I could hold it...but that's just me.

    ps. thanks for the countdown timer

  3. Jamie-does your new 301 work better than the 201 for tracking?

    Mike-I'll have to post some more photos so at least you can see it. that is a cool timer, glad you like it

  4. Watch out for those downhill LRs. I should talk...

    I believe that running a solid half-marathon will be most beneficial. You're doing enough long runs. Those are mainly for the purpose of getting your body to switch over when it runs out of the easy fuel.

  5. Hard luck with the run this evening, I had one like that two weeks ago, unfortunately I was miles away from home.

    Regarding the marathon pace, I’d say it depends on what you’ve done in the weeks leading up. I think it is important to get it in, your call on whether you want to do it in the LR.

  6. 'tis a fine line, fast downhill running, can be risky, but necessary, got a feeling the small stuff I've done around here will help on the Boston Marathon Course