Thursday, March 29, 2007

6th MLR Going by Feel

The Adrenalines felt better than two weeks ago; now that I cut out a section of the left heel material. This run started at 7:00/m as Kyle, fellow BAA master compatriot, and I chatted away. I mentioned we would gain some of that back as the start is more uphill. Next mile was 6:38, less chatter, then a 5:40. What? Maybe Garmin cut the corner; tells me I should layout mile markers.

The rest of this run was purely by how I felt to ensure it was within the target 6:30 pace. When the flats arrived, last 3 miles, the pace eased as there was plenty of time in the bank. Am I to run Boston feeling so apprehensive in making the pace?

What’s Next?

  1. I am to substitute Saturday’s Fresh Pond (flat 5m) with the Morse Road OutnBack (hilly 6M) at Marathon Pace.
  2. Long Run on Sunday, 14 miles, calls for easy pace, what’s that? 7:00/mile?

Training: am,43, sun, 13.0M, 1:21:49, 6:19\mile


  1. Mark,

    I believe that 5:40 split was real. Boy you are a fast runner! I am going to need some work to get to your level. Thanks again for the run.


  2. Easy boy, no rush to get to the barn! Throw the anchors overboard!! Have a good taper...

  3. I think the smell from the rubber burning off your shoes wafted up my way. Nice job!

  4. easy does is right! upon arisal for some unknown reason I changed the w\e plan-discipline