Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Boston Marathon pacing spreadsheet

Attention all Boston Marathon Racers!!!
Check out this spreadsheet for you\family on race day; very comprehensive.

Originator Link
A posting from the Runner's World Forum:
Boston Marathon pacing spreadsheet

Note: may take some time to load

The elevation profile page includes all the pacing information for every mile on the elevation chart (pace, total elapsed time, time of day), plus it shows your 5K and half marathon splits. If needed, this page can now be used as a spectator guide. Be sure to fully expand the page when you open it in order to see the required tabs at the bottom of the page.
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  1. Thanks for the great pace calculator. All I need now is a good printer. Enjoy the warmer climes. Is your middle name Lucky?

  2. Excellent tool Mark - Thanks. BTW, I'd be interested in any tips or comments you might have regarding the race, the course, logistics, etc. given that you are a "local" and a Boston marathon veteran.

  3. mn feels like "lucky' this week

    that's a good request about tips\comments as I hanven't done that yet, I'll try and put something together

  4. Boston is just a few weeks away! You're going to kick butt, bet you're pumped!