Monday, March 19, 2007

Easy Day, New Bedford Splits compared to Winner

(to read: my splits precede each line with an underscore)

30th New Bedford Half Marathon Live Log from the Press Truck

11:00 a.m. The race is off to a good start here on this brisk, windy day.

5:52_At mile marker one: 4:53

12:02_We're at mile marker two for a time of 9:57

18:25_Mile marker three time: 15:19

24:36(6:10)_Mile marker four time: 20:30 (mile was done in 5:11)

30:21(5:45)_Mile marker five time: 25:12 (mile was done in 4:42)

36:09(5:48)_Mile marker six time: 29:57 (mile was done in 4:45)

41:46(5:36)_Mile marker seven time: 34:31 (mile was done in 4:34)

47:19(5:32)_Mile marker eight time: 39:08 (mile was done in 4:37)

We are now round Rodney French Boulevard and the weather conditions are very windy and chilly. The clock is still counting at 42 minutes with one race leader in sight.

53:13(5:53)_Mile marker nine time: 44:03 (mile was done in 4:55)

The race leader is now heading by Fort Taber and continuing down Rodney French Boulevard.

59:05(5:52)_Mile marker ten time: 48:58 (mile was done in 4:55)

65:16(6:10)_Mile marker eleven time: 54:11 (mile was done in 5:11)

The race now continues up County Street for the final stretches of the marathon.

71:28(6:12)_Mile marker twelve time: 59:23 (mile was done in 5:12)

We are now racing back to the finish line to greet the winners... more to come soon from the finish line.

Winners and all race results to be announced...78:08(5:58)_my finish

rather interesting as it appears my pace was approximately 60 seconds off the top money.

Training: pm,treadmill, 64, 5M in 39:44 all feels good


  1. Great job Mark! You have wonderful speed.

  2. Andrew, thanks just pure determination, thanks for the inspiration. -mark

  3. Nice race Mark, well run without the watch. It was a very competitive field as well I see, wow!

  4. Thanks Mike, if I was running for food I would be starving right now. . .

  5. Nice race report Mark, our splits looked similar - just add 18 seconds to yours to get mine. -Kyle