Sunday, March 04, 2007

REPORT: Week Ten - Boston Marathon Training

I had a tough training week with the weather taking the best of optimum results.

Down the Hatch Plan and Actual Data
Mile 1-8 = 7:30 pace, actual 7:01 (63:16)
Mile 9-14 = Goal MP (6:00), actual 6:06 (30:30)
Mile 15-23 = 7:00 or better, actual 6:59 (62:57)
Total 23 miles in 2:36:43, 6:49 pace, am,36,12 mph tailwind

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 76.25 – 104% of max, 6.5% at MP or faster
Number of Workouts: 8
Stretching: some, muscles are looser
Yoga: two
P\U, S\U: 150/300

Notes: Excellent training week, drained muscle fibers looking for recovery. I broke out a new pair of Brooks Adrenaline on Thursday. MP % is lower due to snowshoeing.
Issues to Note: little issue in small of back, right side niggles in right upper inner calf occasional ice.
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log,


  1. Nice long run today, you must feel really satisfied with that. Things are really coming together then, how far out are you looking at tapering?

  2. three weeks, Michael, thoughts are turning toward how fast to run the last Long Run three weeks out, 20-23 miler

  3. Very solid long run, Mark. I jealous of you running the BAA course but I was there in my mind today. 6 weeks to go!

  4. That's an insanely great run Mark! Seems to me you were having trouble holding back at the start. You're training is spot on. Just 3 more weeks of 'real' running left and then it's all just dessert.

  5. Boston is real tough to hold back at the start, especially that insane first half mile.

    Anyone ever negative split Boston?