Sunday, March 25, 2007

REPORT: Week Thirteen - Boston Marathon Training

Looks like the barn door is open to bring this horse in, it's time. . .

A meat tenderizer may have done just as good a job on my leg muscles for the 80 miles I logged this week, a PR for this program. This completes the training and racing phase, by far the toughest of the three. Next is the taper.

First, let’s reflect that in the last thirteen plus weeks the legs have been going from a struggling 2:52 marathon to something faster… Playing it smart by not over doing it in the next 21 days should support adequate muscle recovery, glycogen loading and the right mental state. With the reduced mileage focus should turn to formulating a race strategy and hitting all key workout goals. There are 7-9 key workouts the way I read the schedule.

It will be interesting to watch the percentage of weekly miles at MP. I suspect this number will increase over the next 17-21 scheduled runs. What would be a good target? I am thinking 20-25% would help support a positive mental attitude. I read Michael’s comment about not targeting a sub-2:40. He makes a good point and I sincerely need to realize that the muscles are fatigued to the point of affecting peak performance. But, as I posted yesterday, this can be a seriously tough run for those pushing the limits. You gotta run smart after putting in all the hard work.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 80 – 101% of max, 19%? at MP or faster
Number of Workouts: 8
Stretching: some and it feels good
Yoga: one, need to add the second one (again)
P\U, S\U: 40\60 or something similar

Notes: Hardest training week of the program.
Issues to Note: wore old NBs three times and now notice niggles in right upper shin; three week old pair of Brooks is wreaking chafing on my left heel, resorted to old pair Brooks and blister bandaid
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log, fewer miles, it’s not putting the feet up on the couch


  1. You mean the 'hay is in the barn'? It looks like the horse still has some work to do before he gets to lie down in the stall. Have a good taper!

  2. correction: hay is in the barn

    let's not put that horse in the barn until the afternoon of Patriots Day

  3. 80 miles with workouts –and coming off a solid half marathon effort. You have to be happy with that. A sub 2:40 is in your crosshairs.

    Aim steady and squeeze the trigger.

  4. Nice going Mark! Hay sounds like it is indeed in the barn. Good fer you!