Sunday, March 18, 2007

REPORT: Week Twelve - Boston Marathon Training

We are back to the core training this week with 6x1600, 13M MLR and a Half Marathon Race. Feels like all is in good motion; although the recent dumping of snow may curtail some of this week’s upcoming training.

The good news is the New Bedford New England Half Marathon Championships was a good confidence builder for me. I am ditching the idea of running with a Garmin or HR monitor in all future races. Didn’t wear it today and it helped. Back to old school and run how you feel, thanks Eric.

1M-5:52, 2M-6:10/12:02, 3M-6:23/18:25,

4M-6:10/24:36, 5M-5:45/30:21, 6M-5:48/36:09,

7M-5:36/41:46, 8M-5:32/47:19,9M-5:53/53:13,

10M-5:52/59:05, 11M-6:10/65:16,

12M-6:12, 13.1M-6:40/78:08

Ran conservative from the start buried in a massive sea of runners trying to keep from getting tripped up. Didn’t realize the 5:32 hit until reviewing the splits later—this felt more like my form and can’t wait to get back to it! The hill and wind pulled the pace back in the latter miles, while still passing runners through to the finish.

All splits from my watch and unofficial time. 19th Master/90th place Overall. The winds were a huge factor. This is a fast course with hills at miles 2 and 3 and then 11 and 12. The course was once the World Record held by Ingrid Kristiansen.

2007 Results: BAA Masters team (2nd) ranged (1:16:58 to 1:22:28 for a total of 6:39:48). I was the second BAA placing Master for the team. Seven minutes slower than last year. Whirlaway won with 6:14:26, six minutes slower. The 100th runner finished in a time of 1:19:29\6:04.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 58 – 79% of max, 29% at MP or faster
Number of Workouts: 7
Stretching: getting better
Yoga: one, need to add the second one
P\U, S\U: 40\60

Notes: Good week as starting to the form and confidence built. Starting to work the mental training especially with the race.
Issues to Note: small of back sluggishness maybe from working the snow blower.
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log,


  1. Hey Mark, that looks like a PB for you, fantastic run, well done. You must have a lot of confidence going into Boston now? Keep up the great work!

  2. thanks Michael, PB as a Master, I ran over five minutes quicker on this course five years ago in the Open Division and can't wait to get back in that running shape

  3. Things seem to be coming around now, which is great with 28 days left. Good call on leaving the Garmin at home, I feel it's much easier to tune in on effort for a 10 mile race or a 1/2 marathon without it.

    Nice work.

  4. Good work Mark. It looks like you are set up nicely for Patriot’s Day. I also like the fact that you are not content with a Master’s PR. You know you have more in the tank.

  5. Correction: earlier New Bedford was around 4 minutes, not 5, faster.

    A 73 minute half will be the new goal.

    things are starting to come around, Mike as you know this development takes time and it's hard to be patient

  6. Rockin' half marathon, Mark. Congrats. Phenomenal performance.