Wednesday, April 25, 2007

2007 Boston Marathon Photos

Some of the best Boston Marathon 2007 photos can be found here:
  1. (4,224 images)
  2. (2,892 mages)
  3. (515 images)

That’s a huge number of photo clicks, time on feet, memory storage, uploading, etc. Jim Rhoades, Ted Tyler, Alison Wade and her folks are making an excellent contribution to the sport of running. Is there anyone else providing this level of coverage? I am so impressed with their work it is driving me to make a donation to help keep their good service continuing.


Mile 20_1


Mile 20_2


Mile 20_3


Mile 20_4


Making the turn onto Boylston Street

Training: am, 65, Haynes+,stroller, 7:30 pace for 6.25 miles, felt great

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mountain Running – flying down -

Wachusett Mountain

taken about half-way down the mountain

Here is the “cool” photo of a Wachusetts Mountain ski run that we ran down in hiking boots. Awesome time hiking up the mountain three times.

Tomorrow I'll post some pretty neat 2007 Boston Marathon photos, don't fret, they won't be thumbnails this time.

Training: am,68, trails of ARNWR for 7.75m in a little over 60 minutes

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Boston Marathon Recovery

2007 Boston Marathon
Just a few shots from MarathonFoto. Any ideas which ones look best? If I ran sub 2:40 I would say they all look great!

Back to training> What's next? Always need a goal and something to focus on. I am thinking to keep the focus on running while including warm weather cross-training.

I see Mike and Seebo both shooting for sub-16:00 5Ks, one of my long time goals. There is the NE Grand Prix series and of course, later, a fall marathon.

Recovery has gone fine with lots of rest, massage, soaking, walking, yard-work, stretching and yoga. One week out from the Boston Marathon and today’s temperature was above 80 degrees.

Easy run with the stroller today. Tomorrow I’ll post a “cool” photo of Saturday’s run.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

111th Bib Number

A 10 am start had wind, rain and temperatures around 45. I chose shorts, singlet, light gloves, a visor hat and two gels tucked in the waist band.

I tried to hold back at the start, but when you line up next to sub-2:25 runners and it’s a wicked fast downhill the miles go by quickly. After seeing a few splits through five miles I thought this may be too quick. The next thought was not to focus on the clock and run how you feel, I felt great.

I worked with fellow BAA runners John B and John N for miles 11-17. My bride was at mile 12 letting me know all is looking well and her cell phone had locked up, so I shouldn’t call. After a few steps I realized she meant don’t call at the end of the race, not during. The screaming tunnel of the Wellesley girls readily apparent now and running past there is absolutely nuts! My ears rang for the next quarter mile.

Around mile 17 Ben, BAA, picked me up and we ran the Newton Hills together, it felt like I was pulling him. By the time Heartbreak arrived I tucked in behind and he got me over it. Ben went on to run sub-6:00s through to the finish, nice.

Back around mile 13 I was thinking of ditching my hat and gloves at mile 20. Mile 20, once again my wife was there cheering me on. She told me I looked good, probably did, but I knew the worst was yet to come.

I had enough running down past Boston College and down to Coolidge Corner. As the temperatures had dropped around Newton Lower Falls and wind become tougher to the end. You could see your breath at times and was a serious cause for concern. My calves and hamstrings were on the edge of “locking up”.

This kept the pace slow at the end as I teetered on the brink of pulling out like many runners, it’s a shame they stop directly in front of you. Mile 24 when I looked to my right all I saw was another runner’s shoulder at my eye level. I ask him, ‘how tall are you?” He says, “6’ 7”. I think wow, he tells me breaking 2:50 at this point is easy, I think, yeah right. Then he starts pumping his arms in the air to rile up the crowd. He later finishes behind me.

Before we started, it was decided to go for place over time. Within the last mile, going under the Storrow Drive ramp, I spotted a top Massachusetts Master, my heart raced. I thought take it easy until the two bunny hills are done and give it a go down Boylston. When we turned off of Hereford I made my move at mile 26 and finished around 13 seconds ahead, cool.

2-6.03 12.22
3-6.01 18.23
4-6.01 24.24
5-6.15 30.4
6-6.11 36.51
7-6.16 43.08
8-6.20 49.28
9-6.22 55.5
10-6.34 1.02.25
11-6.29 1.08.54
12-6.23 1.15.17
13-6.24 1.21.41
14-6.19 1.28.01
15-6.24 1.34.26
16-6.28 1.40.54
17-6.38 1.47.32
18-6.36 1.54.09
19-6.27 2.00.36
20-6.42 2.07.18
21-6.48 2.14.07
22-6.37 2.20.45
23-6.57 2.27.42
24-6.47 2.34.29
25-6.54 2.41.21
26.2-7.54 2.49.13

10k-38.09 19.11
15k-57.52 19.43
20k-1.18.01 20.09
25k-1.37.50 19.49
30k-1.58.15 20.25
35k-2.18.56 20.41
40k-2.40.18 21.22

1-Town of Sudbury
8-Masters in Massachusetts
10-Masters in New England
?-BAA Masters Team

Personally, the race was okay, it was a Master PR and it got me back running Boston. My execution is rusty and will come with more racing. Now, it’s time to recover, no track or racing for a minimum of three weeks. For Ingo, and others please see my training log to see what it took to run a sub-2:50 for the 111th Boston Marathon. I'll be looking for Kyle's post as he ran a handsome PR this year, congrats!

Thanks to all for your phone calls, emails, comments and words of encouragement and support on this incredible journey.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Boston Marathon Hurly-Burly

second to last bunny hill in the last mile

Yesterdays number pickup at the Hynes Convention could’ve gone smoother by walking from MIT over the Charles River on the Mass Avenue bridge. The decided drive wasted a fair amount of time and resulted in parking near mile 25, Kenmore Square. I retrieved two dollars in quarters from a reluctant record store clerk on Commonwealth Avenue, they sell 45s and LPs, only to discover the parking meter was out of order. We made the walk to the traffic and expo hurly-burly.

Bib number and shirt pickup are very smooth and efficient; landing on the expo floor is just overwhelming. We went through about half of the floor, didn’t want to spend too much time on the feet. Saw a long line for Bill Rodgers signing autographs realizing not everyone bumps into him at our local supermarket. Picked out a few souvenirs and the micro teaspoons of rice and chopped up exotic energy bars. A real cool foot scanning tool was being used by one shoe manufacturer but the appointments were filled for the next three hours, pass on that.

Today will be a dry run in the car on the course, the rain has started. Tomorrow’s race forecast at the start calls for 44 degrees, 80% chance of rain and wind from the NE at 13 mph, that’s a headwind. I don’t mind the wind as I was reminded last night watching the 2001 Boston Marathon where I ran a PR with a head wind.

Wellesley, half way calls for 46 degrees, 70%, wind ENE 13 mph.

Boston, 45,65%,ESE 12 mph

The Boston Marathon being a point to point race from inland to the sea exhibits a need to realize the change in weather. Probably leave the sunscreen at home and bring the golashes.

Thanks to my wife, family, friends, and fellow bloggers for following along with me for the last sixteen weeks. Your support and encouragement has helped make this journey possible and a PR achievable. Enjoy your Patriots Day or Boston Marathon Day wherever you are.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Boston Marathon Racing Plan and Racing Tips

This morning was the last run of the planned schedule bringing the total to 26 miles. Maybe, I will run some strides over the weekend to make it 26.2 miles.

Boston Marathon Racing Plan and Racing Tips
Patience - Run to Newton Lower falls (mile 16) in a controlled relaxed manner
Strength - Work through the Newton Hills (miles 16-22), but at a slightly reduced pace.
Flow - Maintain good form through to the finish.

Plan - 6:15s with 19:15 to 19:30 5K splits for a finish less than 2:45, a 7 minute masters PR.

I should be at the Boston Marathon expo tomorrow picking up my bib number (#1704) around 1 pm. I can be tracked by anyone\anywhere during the race on the BAA website. Note, the site will change on race day to allow this ability.

Training: am,62,treadmill,3.0M in 23:03 felt great

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tempo, 5000 Meters at MP, Boston Marathon Rain or Shine

There is more self-inflicted pain today. When playing “cops and robbers” as a young boy I can remember getting ambushed and pelted by rubber pellets from toy guns. It was a consistent stinging feeling that equated to today’s visor free run on the Battle Road Trail. A headband wasn’t enough to shield the sleet from telling me that the Boston Marathon on Monday could be tough. Bring it on!

The BAA and others are issuing weather notices about cold temperatures, high winds and precipitation in the form of rain, sleet or snow on Monday.

The legs felt good with the shin issue being a dull sensation. No pain, it’s just there. The 5000 meters were done on the trail crossing iced over wooden bridges, climbing hills, dodging muddy areas for a time of 19:52 at a pace of 6:23. Despite the conditions I am going to re-evaluate my marathon goal and run another chart on it tomorrow.

Today’s townie newspaper reports there are 31 residents running with one 32 year old having a lower bib number. Then there is the 23 year old in the third corral that has some very good leg speed. I’ll be looking for next week’s paper with this Masters name beating out the young ones. Boston.

Help me out with this quote, “adversity brings opportunity.” Top runners could be bailing out on Monday, time to break on through the other side of the top 100!

The fire is alive and burning with a Boston Marathon spirit rain or shine! Let’s GO!!!

Training: am, 35,Sleet, Battle Road Trail 7.0 miles in 47:32, tempo

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Getting the Feeling - pivotal turning point


I love my wife. During our pre-Boston Marathon planning session she stated to me “you need to be like you were before your last two Boston’s – full of confidence.” With that I went to sleep.

This morning I looked in the mirror and saw something new; a Masters Boston Marathoner. The past fifteen plus weeks of training are starting to take their form of a seasoned and conditioned marathoner.

As evidence, the feeling is starting to come alive as seen in the shadow boxing at a seven minute per mile pace on the treadmill to the tune of Boston’s Don’t Look Back.

Time to Fire it Up!!!

Training: am, 63, Treadmill, 3.0 miles in 22:30, progression
Yesterday: am,32,flurries, Battle Road Trail Cruise Intervals (5x1000M), to the tune of Chariots of Fire; shin is reddened from my over-exuberant self-inflicted A.R.T

Monday, April 09, 2007

REPORT: Week Fifteen - Boston Marathon Training

The big pail of Easter sweets on the table are probably not going to help this year’s Boston. Two runs on Battle Road Trail for both MP sessions this week probably will. I am to forego running on the track or hard on the roads due to the nagging issue in my upper right shin.

The shin issue feels like a candidate for ART. But,I don’t know anything about that other than jamming my fingers in there and feeling some relief after the pressure comes off. I am thinking the track work has brought this little beast to life.

Plan for the week is to do the minimum mileage, keep the diet in check, massage, cold water\ice soak and two or more yoga sessions for stretching. This should get me to the start line in fairly decent shape.

In retrospect this has been a fairly crappy week even though both key sessions were on the mark. The weather flopped to the cool side pushing the already low mental\physical state to further depths. This morning’s shave thoughts bring to light the spirits may uplift as the magical day comes closer. We will see.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 48.75 – 89% of max, 26% at MP or faster
Number of Workouts: 7
Stretching: not enough
Yoga: zero, procrastinating, did ½ of one tonight
P\U, S\U: 0\0 low energy, did 20 p\u today

Notes: Lousy training week.
Issues to Note: minor issue with right inner shin area
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log
Training: pm,45, sun,stroller,39:57 for 5 miles

Friday, April 06, 2007

Another Crappy Run

Awaiting the ten day weather forecast for the Boston Marathon is like watching the snow melt, again. This was another crappy run day. The hamstrings are all bound up. It’s time to break out the ice pack for the right inner shin and another roll with the stick on the major muscles.

Sleep has been lousy the last couple of days. Fortunately today the Epsom salts, thanks Michael for the reminder, worked something with the hot water bath.

Okay, this has to be my crappiest post, did some re-writing and this will be it. A new low, just like my mindstate.

Maybe tomorrow will be better with an easy seven miler on the Boston Marathon course from Cleveland Circle.

Training: pm,33, light flurries, stroller, Haynes Loop + , 6.1M, 50 minutes

Thursday, April 05, 2007

2 x 20 Minute Tempo at MP, Late Season Snow

Yesterday’s complete rest was probably a good idea, inactivity may not have been. Crazy Boston weather brought us a good inch of snow in the afternoon. Keep in mind this could happen on Marathon Monday!

The quads felt heavy in today’s tempo at MP session. Kyle and I took on the rolling Mossman hill loop with adequate rest. It was about nine minutes mostly with the septic guy selling me expensive chemicals.

Garmin: loop one was 3.85 miles for 20:42 pace 5:22\mile.
Garmin: loop two was 3.53 miles for 20:50 pace of 5:53\mile.
USATF has this at 3.38 miles. Calculated paces then are 1-6:07, 2-6:09.

Easy does it is what I am hearing from multiple sources. A more proactive approach to flushing out the legs is probably needed.

Training: am, 40, 11.9 miles in 1:24:20, 7:03 average pace with 2 x 20 at MP

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

REPORT: Week Fourteen - Boston Marathon Training

The Monday total rest day did wonders to help recovery from last week’s slugfest. This week’s lower mileage has three key workouts.

The 3x2000s went off like clockwork, the MLR was faster than I expected and the tempo run on the flat was on the mark.

Sunday had a net elevation of 5000’ up around the Connecticut River in the Dartmouth College area.

I had a bad day today as the legs were quite sluggish from the start. Maybe, it was the PowerGel I had before the workout as the numbers seemed to be ok . . . 3 x 800 – 600 – 600 - ,2.46,1.59,1.59,2.41,2.01,?,2.45,2.03,1.59.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 67 – 101% of max, 23% at MP or faster
Number of Workouts: 8
Stretching: some and it feels good
Yoga: one, need to add the second one (again, again)
P\U, S\U: these just don’t seem to be happening
Notes: One of the best training weeks.
Issues to Note: very minor issue with right inner shin area
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log

Tomorrow-looking for a complete rest day or cross-training