Tuesday, April 17, 2007

111th Bib Number

A 10 am start had wind, rain and temperatures around 45. I chose shorts, singlet, light gloves, a visor hat and two gels tucked in the waist band.

I tried to hold back at the start, but when you line up next to sub-2:25 runners and it’s a wicked fast downhill the miles go by quickly. After seeing a few splits through five miles I thought this may be too quick. The next thought was not to focus on the clock and run how you feel, I felt great.

I worked with fellow BAA runners John B and John N for miles 11-17. My bride was at mile 12 letting me know all is looking well and her cell phone had locked up, so I shouldn’t call. After a few steps I realized she meant don’t call at the end of the race, not during. The screaming tunnel of the Wellesley girls readily apparent now and running past there is absolutely nuts! My ears rang for the next quarter mile.

Around mile 17 Ben, BAA, picked me up and we ran the Newton Hills together, it felt like I was pulling him. By the time Heartbreak arrived I tucked in behind and he got me over it. Ben went on to run sub-6:00s through to the finish, nice.

Back around mile 13 I was thinking of ditching my hat and gloves at mile 20. Mile 20, once again my wife was there cheering me on. She told me I looked good, probably did, but I knew the worst was yet to come.

I had enough running down past Boston College and down to Coolidge Corner. As the temperatures had dropped around Newton Lower Falls and wind become tougher to the end. You could see your breath at times and was a serious cause for concern. My calves and hamstrings were on the edge of “locking up”.

This kept the pace slow at the end as I teetered on the brink of pulling out like many runners, it’s a shame they stop directly in front of you. Mile 24 when I looked to my right all I saw was another runner’s shoulder at my eye level. I ask him, ‘how tall are you?” He says, “6’ 7”. I think wow, he tells me breaking 2:50 at this point is easy, I think, yeah right. Then he starts pumping his arms in the air to rile up the crowd. He later finishes behind me.

Before we started, it was decided to go for place over time. Within the last mile, going under the Storrow Drive ramp, I spotted a top Massachusetts Master, my heart raced. I thought take it easy until the two bunny hills are done and give it a go down Boylston. When we turned off of Hereford I made my move at mile 26 and finished around 13 seconds ahead, cool.

2-6.03 12.22
3-6.01 18.23
4-6.01 24.24
5-6.15 30.4
6-6.11 36.51
7-6.16 43.08
8-6.20 49.28
9-6.22 55.5
10-6.34 1.02.25
11-6.29 1.08.54
12-6.23 1.15.17
13-6.24 1.21.41
14-6.19 1.28.01
15-6.24 1.34.26
16-6.28 1.40.54
17-6.38 1.47.32
18-6.36 1.54.09
19-6.27 2.00.36
20-6.42 2.07.18
21-6.48 2.14.07
22-6.37 2.20.45
23-6.57 2.27.42
24-6.47 2.34.29
25-6.54 2.41.21
26.2-7.54 2.49.13

10k-38.09 19.11
15k-57.52 19.43
20k-1.18.01 20.09
25k-1.37.50 19.49
30k-1.58.15 20.25
35k-2.18.56 20.41
40k-2.40.18 21.22

1-Town of Sudbury
8-Masters in Massachusetts
10-Masters in New England
?-BAA Masters Team

Personally, the race was okay, it was a Master PR and it got me back running Boston. My execution is rusty and will come with more racing. Now, it’s time to recover, no track or racing for a minimum of three weeks. For Ingo, and others please see my training log to see what it took to run a sub-2:50 for the 111th Boston Marathon. I'll be looking for Kyle's post as he ran a handsome PR this year, congrats!

Thanks to all for your phone calls, emails, comments and words of encouragement and support on this incredible journey.


  1. Nice going Mark!!! That's a fantastic time! Glad to see a nice outcome for a genuinely nice guy. Congrats and hopefully see you around the race circuit sometime soon.

  2. Mark,

    Excellent race! I was exactly 2min behind you at the 1/2 and 4min at the finish. Why didn't we score as the 4th masters team? You were 1st, I was 2nd and Dave was right behind me at 3rd. Anyway, I updated my blog. Hope you enjoy some time off with family. I'll give you shout soon for a run.


  3. Way to go Mark, I enjoyed tracking you on the website and I was glad to see your time. Looks like you held it together pretty well at the end when I'm guessing most were really slowing down. Congratulations on a well-run race, you should be proud of yourself.

  4. Only in my dreams I could have great splits like those!!! :) Congratulations again on an outstanding job!!!

  5. thanks everyon, next year I will try and run faster

    our Master's Team time I think is 8:36:39 and should be good for fourth, must be something going amiss

  6. Great job Mark,
    Your Master's PR is just the beginning. Maybe next year I'll get a chance to meet you after you take down 2:40.

  7. Wow! You make it seem/sound so easy and those consistent splits are amazing. Great race and report!

  8. Anonymous9:07 PM


    Phenomenal performance. Running 2:49 at Boston with those conditions, wow, just can't put it into words how sweet that is. You worked so hard.

    I may look for some guidance as I train for Chicago next. I'm pontificating how I can take my 3:10 in Chicago '06 to 2:59 this year....


  9. Mark - that last comment was me - don't know why it posted anomymous