Thursday, April 05, 2007

2 x 20 Minute Tempo at MP, Late Season Snow

Yesterday’s complete rest was probably a good idea, inactivity may not have been. Crazy Boston weather brought us a good inch of snow in the afternoon. Keep in mind this could happen on Marathon Monday!

The quads felt heavy in today’s tempo at MP session. Kyle and I took on the rolling Mossman hill loop with adequate rest. It was about nine minutes mostly with the septic guy selling me expensive chemicals.

Garmin: loop one was 3.85 miles for 20:42 pace 5:22\mile.
Garmin: loop two was 3.53 miles for 20:50 pace of 5:53\mile.
USATF has this at 3.38 miles. Calculated paces then are 1-6:07, 2-6:09.

Easy does it is what I am hearing from multiple sources. A more proactive approach to flushing out the legs is probably needed.

Training: am, 40, 11.9 miles in 1:24:20, 7:03 average pace with 2 x 20 at MP


  1. Time to rest up, the work is all behind you now. It's time to bring out the epsom salts, book a massage appointment and get as much sleep as you can.

    Just over a week now, all the best and stay healthy!

  2. The hour is almost at hand and the hay is in the barn! Looking forward to Boston for you. Seems like all signs are pointing to a great performance!

  3. did the epsoms today, thanks for the reminder, sleep has been lousy though awaiting the ten day forecast...