Sunday, April 15, 2007

Boston Marathon Hurly-Burly

second to last bunny hill in the last mile

Yesterdays number pickup at the Hynes Convention could’ve gone smoother by walking from MIT over the Charles River on the Mass Avenue bridge. The decided drive wasted a fair amount of time and resulted in parking near mile 25, Kenmore Square. I retrieved two dollars in quarters from a reluctant record store clerk on Commonwealth Avenue, they sell 45s and LPs, only to discover the parking meter was out of order. We made the walk to the traffic and expo hurly-burly.

Bib number and shirt pickup are very smooth and efficient; landing on the expo floor is just overwhelming. We went through about half of the floor, didn’t want to spend too much time on the feet. Saw a long line for Bill Rodgers signing autographs realizing not everyone bumps into him at our local supermarket. Picked out a few souvenirs and the micro teaspoons of rice and chopped up exotic energy bars. A real cool foot scanning tool was being used by one shoe manufacturer but the appointments were filled for the next three hours, pass on that.

Today will be a dry run in the car on the course, the rain has started. Tomorrow’s race forecast at the start calls for 44 degrees, 80% chance of rain and wind from the NE at 13 mph, that’s a headwind. I don’t mind the wind as I was reminded last night watching the 2001 Boston Marathon where I ran a PR with a head wind.

Wellesley, half way calls for 46 degrees, 70%, wind ENE 13 mph.

Boston, 45,65%,ESE 12 mph

The Boston Marathon being a point to point race from inland to the sea exhibits a need to realize the change in weather. Probably leave the sunscreen at home and bring the golashes.

Thanks to my wife, family, friends, and fellow bloggers for following along with me for the last sixteen weeks. Your support and encouragement has helped make this journey possible and a PR achievable. Enjoy your Patriots Day or Boston Marathon Day wherever you are.


  1. Mark,

    It's going to be a great day - maybe a little bit of wind and drizzle, but I'll take it over 90 degrees any day. Hopefully I'll see you before the start, but if not, have a great race!


  2. Checking in from the Hampton by Logan...

    I just know you're going to tear it up tomorrow Mark - just save some bagles at the finish for us slowpokes.

    Buena suerte!

  3. thanks now get some sleep as a ten am start in Hopkinton requires an early rise