Monday, April 09, 2007

REPORT: Week Fifteen - Boston Marathon Training

The big pail of Easter sweets on the table are probably not going to help this year’s Boston. Two runs on Battle Road Trail for both MP sessions this week probably will. I am to forego running on the track or hard on the roads due to the nagging issue in my upper right shin.

The shin issue feels like a candidate for ART. But,I don’t know anything about that other than jamming my fingers in there and feeling some relief after the pressure comes off. I am thinking the track work has brought this little beast to life.

Plan for the week is to do the minimum mileage, keep the diet in check, massage, cold water\ice soak and two or more yoga sessions for stretching. This should get me to the start line in fairly decent shape.

In retrospect this has been a fairly crappy week even though both key sessions were on the mark. The weather flopped to the cool side pushing the already low mental\physical state to further depths. This morning’s shave thoughts bring to light the spirits may uplift as the magical day comes closer. We will see.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 48.75 – 89% of max, 26% at MP or faster
Number of Workouts: 7
Stretching: not enough
Yoga: zero, procrastinating, did ½ of one tonight
P\U, S\U: 0\0 low energy, did 20 p\u today

Notes: Lousy training week.
Issues to Note: minor issue with right inner shin area
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log
Training: pm,45, sun,stroller,39:57 for 5 miles

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  1. Ha! Same chocolate problem in our house. During normal training weeks this would 'not' be a problem but...

    I think we've done the training and now just have to survive a few more days. Good luck!