Tuesday, April 03, 2007

REPORT: Week Fourteen - Boston Marathon Training

The Monday total rest day did wonders to help recovery from last week’s slugfest. This week’s lower mileage has three key workouts.

The 3x2000s went off like clockwork, the MLR was faster than I expected and the tempo run on the flat was on the mark.

Sunday had a net elevation of 5000’ up around the Connecticut River in the Dartmouth College area.

I had a bad day today as the legs were quite sluggish from the start. Maybe, it was the PowerGel I had before the workout as the numbers seemed to be ok . . . 3 x 800 – 600 – 600 - ,2.46,1.59,1.59,2.41,2.01,?,2.45,2.03,1.59.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 67 – 101% of max, 23% at MP or faster
Number of Workouts: 8
Stretching: some and it feels good
Yoga: one, need to add the second one (again, again)
P\U, S\U: these just don’t seem to be happening
Notes: One of the best training weeks.
Issues to Note: very minor issue with right inner shin area
Next Week Goal: See my Training Log

Tomorrow-looking for a complete rest day or cross-training


  1. How are you feeling? Are you allowing the excitement to rise or are you busy ignoring it? All the nest in the next two weeks:)

  2. door no. 2, as it's just another marathon with no need to get caught up in all the hype