Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tempo, 5000 Meters at MP, Boston Marathon Rain or Shine

There is more self-inflicted pain today. When playing “cops and robbers” as a young boy I can remember getting ambushed and pelted by rubber pellets from toy guns. It was a consistent stinging feeling that equated to today’s visor free run on the Battle Road Trail. A headband wasn’t enough to shield the sleet from telling me that the Boston Marathon on Monday could be tough. Bring it on!

The BAA and others are issuing weather notices about cold temperatures, high winds and precipitation in the form of rain, sleet or snow on Monday.

The legs felt good with the shin issue being a dull sensation. No pain, it’s just there. The 5000 meters were done on the trail crossing iced over wooden bridges, climbing hills, dodging muddy areas for a time of 19:52 at a pace of 6:23. Despite the conditions I am going to re-evaluate my marathon goal and run another chart on it tomorrow.

Today’s townie newspaper reports there are 31 residents running with one 32 year old having a lower bib number. Then there is the 23 year old in the third corral that has some very good leg speed. I’ll be looking for next week’s paper with this Masters name beating out the young ones. Boston.

Help me out with this quote, “adversity brings opportunity.” Top runners could be bailing out on Monday, time to break on through the other side of the top 100!

The fire is alive and burning with a Boston Marathon spirit rain or shine! Let’s GO!!!

Training: am, 35,Sleet, Battle Road Trail 7.0 miles in 47:32, tempo


  1. I agree, bring it on and let the chips fall where they may! At this point I just want to get to the starting line, now. Have a great race!

  2. Bring home a good performance. The weather won't faze you. I don't know how you can adjust a time goal for conditions like this. Precip plus high winds is tough going. I've run 10Ks in nasty conditions that were surprisingly fast, but I never ran a marathon under conditions like they're expecting.

  3. Indeed, break on out to the other side. Go for it.

  4. Dull sensation in your shins? Ever thought of shin splints? I posted two links on this here. It does not happen very often to experienced guys but could still be a possibility. Otherwise good luck man! I myself am rather a chicken in bad weather conditions; bailed out of Tokyo Marathon in Feb on race day

  5. All the best on Monday, it seems like you've found your running mojo again... nice. Run smart, follow your game plan, and like Jim once told me, run with a hint of madness in your eyes!