Thursday, May 31, 2007

2400M Lactate Threshold Testing, 4th Test

Here are the results of four tests over the course of one year. It was around this time last year that I began in earnest to achieve a fast marathon time. A few lessons were re-learned and plenty of new stuff was absorbed in thought to push the pace faster. As always your critiques are appreciated.

Maybe Mike\Mystery Coach or Andrew could comment if it would be better to start at a HR of 130 and progress to 170; as they are the ones that turned me on to the test. I think it was in an article written by Hadd.

Lactate Threshold Testing
2400m Actuals


14010:026:441465min re-adjust strap
1509:246:1815097 RHR, HR bounce little
1608:475:53158104 RHR need to relax
1708:245:38165101 RHR, no look at HRM
1808:345:45167113 RHR easy 2 up, hard 2 down laps
HAFB Air Force Base track, best of all three tracks so far. Noon,62,ovcst. 3 mile w\u. 2 minute recovery between, note HR settle to before next 2400. Mentally did not want to do the 180 HR loop.


1609:156:10158form focus
1809:066:04164mentall challenge
The 160 HR was most comfortable. 170 and 180 were difficult to achieve and the 180 was with a stiffer wind and loss of energy. Working on breathing, form and mental. 2 minute recovery.After the 170 I had enough, when I got home I was starving and cold. Only water and no breakfast before the run.


okay pace
1609:276:20159moving along
1709:026:03168this can be work
1809:016:02171slow start, enough strong finish
I dropped off trying to achieve the 180HR. After six weeks of training my HR improved versus running at all intensities. A pace that used to require 170 HR now required less than 160 HR.


slow pace hard to not go fast
still slow, keep track of laps
a little quicker
1709:276:20169breathing, fear 180
1809:036:04176This is allot of work I can feel the legs, heavy breath, lower energy, had enough


  1. I guess I'd want to know why you are doing these in the first place. That last 2400 sounds like murder, I don't think I've trained at 180BPM ever, or if so it was only at the very end of an interval set for a few seconds.

    If this is an LT test, why are you getting so deeply into VO2 max training?

  2. Last year after my ROC Marathon I started this blog and learning about training smart. I came across the Hadd article, maybe from Andrew, and it made sense.

    that URL has the article and a link to the pdf (at the bottom)

    My max HR is about 180, so this never made sense to try and go that high.

    What is cool is having controlled and measured results to track progress.

  3. I would start at 120, but rather than just give a suggestion I'll run through on how I use HRs and paces to determine proper training loads so you can see how to apply it to your training. The post will be over at Mike's blog sometime on Monday.

  4. MC, I am looking forward to your HR post. Your suggestion of starting at 120 would then put the last test at 160? Like Mike, I will think 120 HR on the track, you may as well be walking.

    I am thinking that monitoring a workout, without overdoing it can be done by: GPS, HR monitor, how do you feel, and mile markers for splits.