Friday, May 18, 2007

5-6x800 –incomplete

Yesterday morning’s optimistic 6 x 800 run fizzled half-way through the fourth effort. I ran the Bowker Flats, 2.5 miles, as a warm-up and used two loops of our drive for jogging rests. The legs felt heavy and slow and the mind responded to let them have their easy pace. No mind of steel.

Later I will run a check on how the splits came out and distance. Course used was the Buckmaster-Suffolk Loop. Splits were around 3:08 with a 3:25 fourth and kicking it up to like a 3:15 fifth. Going into this I thought it would be good to be running 2:45s. Now that’s getting jerked out of the armchair running and onto the roads!

The numbers speak for themselves. I’ll rely on the so, so accuracy of Garmin for the real distance. Here is a hint for a Father’s Day gift: measuring wheel. How many runners own\use one of these? Is there a recommended brand\model? Maybe, I will start a measuring wheel for runners endorsed by notable running types. One of those neat tools like the “Stick” which end up lying in the basket, but you had to have one.

I am trying to avoid using the track to see how my right shin percolates. As of right now, walking on the treadmill the “knotty” stuff is there albeit not debilitating. Last time on the track was over a month ago.

A PR by one second on Sunday's 5K is all I can hope for giving my current level of fitness.

Training: am, 70, treadmill, 5.25 miles at 8:34 pace while doing Network + computer coursework


  1. Good luck on Sunday... and a PR is a PR!

  2. Too much lawn mowing on the legs? all this rain will make for good growing. Have a great race!

  3. yes, let's shoot for a PR and the rain just keeps coming down