Sunday, May 20, 2007

5K PR! Run for the Woods

Stow Run for the Woods 5K

My Masters PR is lower, not by much and is still soft. Today’s effort felt quite comfortable up against a couple of 5:00 minute runners and a slew of high schoolers.

A couple of my rookie mistakes:
1. Got lost warming up on the course, it’s a new race for us, ran about six miles with the last couple pretty hard to make it to the start line on time.
2. Anniversary celebration dinner the night before of prime rib and all, not our typical pre-race meal.
3. Forgot to change into race socks, a minor mistake.
4. Pushed the wrong button on my watch at the start and missing mile splits. Maybe a blessing as this was all run by perceived effort.
5. Cruised to the finish rather than a gut-wrenching Prefontaine push.

The weather was nice for racing in shorts and a singlet, a little off and on drizzle rain and temps in the mid-50s. The ninth year for the race and they did a fantastic job. I even got to help out with the awards ceremony.

Results: We both won our age group. A 22 second 5 K PR with a time of 17:28, a pace of 5:38 per mile! Woohoo, 1st master and ninth overall at the Stow Run for the Woods. Next race will be to break 17:00.

Didn’t know it until looking at results that we could have run in Concord, another bordering town, and both place first. That would be a nice anniversary present.


  1. Congratulations!

  2. Good to see. A solid 5K time is the basis of everything else.

  3. 22sec is not much! That's huge isn't it? Great race and congrats to your better half too!

  4. thanks for the congrats,

    yes, Mike 22 seconds is huge for 5k, am only considering where I've come from

    if solid 5Ks are the basis, I better get cranking and stop petering around :-)

  5. Belated congrats on the PR, Mark. I've been struggling with my allergies and haven't been on the computer much the past 2 days.

    PR's are great however you can get 'em.
    Next stop..16:xx.

  6. And congratulations to your wife also. 2 age group winners!

  7. Just found this one Mark. Congrats on the PR and the Masters win. Sounds like a fun race.