Thursday, May 17, 2007

REPORT: Week One - Conditioning

Running along while loosely following plan; a lull in the program. I switched off from the alternate two week program for title only. My thoughts are now turning toward a local fall marathon to lower my Masters Marathon PR

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 56.0
Number of Workouts: 7
Stretching: not really any
Yoga: zero
P\U, S\U: neglected these also
Notes: 2.5 hour lawn mowing.
Issues to Note: need a new pair of shoes.
Next Week Goal: Start a two week rotational program for the next ten weeks.

Training; easy stroller run
Yesterday: A good upbeat run on the Water Row Loop with a fair tempo effort on the Fourth of July course.
Monday: pm,sun,75,stroller, ARNWR, at 1:45 we passed mile ten on the return of the Patrol Road, for the record: information passed to NWR law enforcement via phone and one of our town police officers in person: a man of medium build and age with dark hair, was down on all fours with a faded pair of jeans laid across the ground and a pair of underwear, never acknowledged us running by, kept busy with his task, first you see what he is doing, then the odor catches your senses and you realize what he is doing, spreading feces . . . on the pants and underwear, seriously something nefarious going on there, my wife says no more running in the reservation.


  1. Wow. I’ll have to update my list of things I DON’T want to see running.

    1. An unleashed pitbull
    2. A funnel cloud
    3. A man smearing feces on himself.

    Good luck taking down your Master’s 5K PR. That one look soft relative to your other marks so you should have no problem.

  2. Hmm, can't shoot a funnel cloud.