Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Weekly Evaluation Run?

I am starting to borrow a few runs from Mike and Mystery Coach for a fall marathon. Looks like the one I am running is one week later than several other runners that I follow. Following the others will give me a heads up for what’s next in training. I am leaning towards what Mike is doing because he is truest to Lydiard as any that I have read. If you recall last year around this time I vowed to follow Lydiard and ended up getting burnt out from logging 100+ miles per week. What will happen this year?

Evaluations run of two miles with each one at a 5:50 pace.
Today’s run with stroller was a 88 minutes at a 7:42 pace.


  1. I like Jack Daniels' approach of using a points system to measure training volume instead of only counting miles. That might be a good adjustment to help avoid burnout.

    The training schedules of the top level guys that you see published have to be taken with a grain or two of salt. Plus when they are running 100+ miles/week they get it done in less time than we would. And the time on your feet is significant.

  2. Eric, your mention of JD may prompt me to pull his book off the shelf to see what you are talking about. As I recall his system was over my head on my first read through. It may be time to re-visit.

    The 100+ miles per week are not in my game plan as I learned last year. My thoughts are fast times can be had on fewer miles but better quality runs.

  3. Looking forward to reading how it works out.

  4. 4962 days, really?

  5. c'mon it's java script and somehow I goofed it up :-), should be able to clear it up in a day