Monday, June 11, 2007

Cushioned Downhill Ride

The title brings out a nice aspect of my new Asics Gel 2120 running shoes replacing the NB 767s. As evident in yesterday’s shoe trial, five pairs, a bit of muscle tightness sealed my fate in running doubles.

Interesting note from the Emerson Hospital 5K Race is the second Master was actually a female!This race was much more competitive for the Masters Women as my closest Master was 19:54.

AM Playground nine mile run today in an easy 8:08/mile pace with a gorgeous, I think the pollen is gone, sunny day. Time for the afternoon tea as I think these shoes will work well.

Asics 2120 and Emerson 5K


  1. Hey Mark, Nice job at Emerson 5K yesterday. Where's the race report?


  2. Thank's, it's buried in yesterday's post of the weekly. Are you up for a run anytime soon?

  3. I have the exact same shoes. About to retire them and buy a new pair of the same. Pollen is at it's peak up here!

  4. Good shoes, very good shoes, I love them!