Friday, June 01, 2007

Easy Day – Assabet River Rail Trail (ARRT)

The turtles are out on the sandy patrol road leading through the reservation looking for egg laying sites. The bugs of all shapes and sizes are also there; next time I should bring a hat.

This was an easy run for 90 minutes on mostly flat, soft ground. After I got started I thought it may be best to try and maintain an AHR of 140. This went off pretty well with the exceptions of the hills, HR obviously goes up on the up hill and down on the down hill. Should one slow on the up and speed on the downhill? I’ve always gone on the impression that you would try and maintain an even effort and let the heart be what it is.

I passed an old lady on the ARRT who was in her car, lights on, binoculars in hand, head looking up. She is probably a birder checking for wildlife. In another 300 meters I come across a freshly smashed turtle. Do you think the old lady drove over the turtle while performing amateur ornithology?

Training: am,73,sun,ARRT, 12.5 miles in 90 minutes


  1. 134 days, much better. How are you feeling heading in, recovered from Boston?

  2. All systems are go! Full recovery from Boston and ready to start focus on the fall.

    Spotted a huge snapping turtle yesterday near one of the local ponds.