Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Evaluation Run, ARRT

The summer heat is here as I noticed the temperature was 83 degrees upon returning. I ran the evaluation run well enough on the track with nothing significant to report. 5:55 and a 5:45 continuous for a 11:50 two-miler. All systems go.

The HRM is now dead, battery is suspect. The Assabet Railroad River Trail (ARRT) is currently being graded; really hope they don’t lay asphalt. It would just be another loss of Kenyan type surfaces to run on.

Some of the horseflies are out when you get deep into the path, around mile two, where it narrows to a wide single-track. Hence, the name Hell’s Alley! For now, it’s a sweet shaded 5.25 mile out and back on hard-pack.

Training: 12.8, 2M at 11:50, 9M at 6:59


  1. Not sure if horse flies and deer flies are the same thing, but regardless, those buggers can be torture. Great job on the run. I was glad I had a rest day scheduled with today's heat.

  2. Can you hear the cool summer breezes in Canada calling yet? You've had a good stretch of training.

  3. lisa Sabin11:50 PM

    That's some fast running for 83 degrees.