Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hills, New Shoes

Monday we had a lot of rain coming from Tropical Storm Barry that led to an easy five miles on the treadmill while doing course work. Tuesday was another evaluation run of 2 x one mile; ran at 6:04 and 6:07 pace on the Belcher Hill loop. Wednesday was a stroller run out on the Willow Guzzle course. Later flirted with the notion of running the Devens 5K race that evening; it never resolved.

New shoes started on Tuesday. I changed out of them after five miles after left heel was rubbing. Later discovered a hole in the sock! This morning was 2 x Morse Road hills at a strong effort. It was nothing overly exhilarating just getting in some work.

I am hoping to run some doubles, but reserving some for Sunday’s 5K race. Today we learned of three good races in July to run on courses from the past. We will see.
New Balance 767


  1. Nice paces. Looking for to the race report after Sunday. Enjoy the new kicks!

  2. Mark, Good luck at Emerson. Go get that PR! I may race in Dracut if my daughter's soccer game gets rained out.