Saturday, June 16, 2007


My Battle Road Trail run yesterday at noon with a seven mile tempo effort didn’t break me too much. The ten mile total had two for a w\u and splits of 6.58,6.29,7.45,6.23,5.49,8.23,6.28,7.12. Okay not much of a w\u.

This morning I was hoping for a two hour run for the back-to-back efforts. Instead settled on a fit-in eight mile tempo effort with splits of 7.33,6.13,5.56,6.38,6.30,5.50,7.13,6.04 well pleased with the effort.

Predni is the steroid prescribed by my Doctor to combat the poison ivy. Believe me you don’t want to see the photos. She barraged me with questions, finally getting at why I was tired looking. Truth is Jeb’s awaken us the last three night’s around the hours of midnight and 4 am. I have no idea if the drug is prformance related, side effects didn't sound good, it's a six day program descending from six pills each day down to one.
Training: am,68,sun,52:01, 8 miles at 6:30 pace


  1. I sympathize with the poison ivy. You must have it bad if they prescribed you that. I was on it about 14 years ago when I had a bad case of it, it cleared things up very quickly. Best of luck.

  2. Mike B3:35 PM

    Mark, I stumbled across your blog. I recently also had poison ivy and was prescribed methylprednisolon (Medral dose pack). I asked my doctor why she prescribed it for the poison ivy when she had also prescribed it last year for an injury (inflammation). Perhaps it was just me, but it is a wonder drug for running. I felt like a new man. All those small aches/pains seemed to disappear!

  3. now that's an interesting comment about these steroids...come to think of it my right shin issue is practically gone, downhill running is enjoyable, pace is upbeat, energy level high, wow, gets me thinking