Monday, June 18, 2007

REPORT: Marathon- Conditioning Week 3: 5K PR--Stroller

Bumped the mileage back up but this is still not an ideal training week. The summer racing excitement is here with so many races to choose from. Mostly you will find 5K to 10K with a few middle distance runs around the area.

Our first Fathers Day Stroller Race. B allowed me to run the course as a warm-up. This was without knowing the course or a map. Luckily all turns were well marked with arrows on signs. I didn’t get lost and managed the three miles around a 7:00/mile pace through the streets of Belmont.

As instructed we lined up with twelve other strollers on the track behind all the runners. We noticed two strollers 200 meters ahead of us as we ran into the bend. Unreal, they cut the rules and they were running fast. There was lots of congestion here as 330 runners pulled off the track and onto a single lane of the road. It took four minutes to pass the first stroller and another three for the second. Girls in the lead stroller were saying “Daddy you can’t run that fast!”

We finished the race in 18:41.9 for a 6:01 pace, first stroller, 5th in age group and 13th overall. The guy announced us as the first wheelchair coming onto the track. He had many other non-runner type comments as is quite evident baseball was his sport and the road race a good vehicle to raise money for the cause. A very good cause, and unusual incident.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 73.10
Number of Workouts: 9
Stretching: fell off
Yoga: none
P\U, S\U: managed about 60\120
Notes: 5K Race pushing stroller
Issues to Note:
Poison Ivy Medral dose pack six day course started
Next Week Goal: Looking for eighty miles, all is progressing well; this is shaping up to be a fairly loose marathon program sprinkled with short races. Been thinking about running Yasso 800s as I’ve never tried these before.

Training: am, 75,sun,stroller, 53:03 for a 7:35 pace, felt relatively good

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