Sunday, June 24, 2007

REPORT: Marathon- Conditioning Week 4

The legs are tired as I write this after an 82 miles. The accumulation of runs, sleep of 6-7 hours and not the best of diets, dropped three pounds, is taking their toll. Weeks greater than 80 miles happen occasionally; when speed is mixed in on singles it gets tough. So, next week will be a cut-back.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 82.0
Number of Workouts: 7
Stretching: starting up
Yoga: none
P\U, S\U:
managed about 80\170
Notes: good training, albeit too much
Issues to Note: Poison Ivy seems to have gone away
Next Week Goal: At least one total rest day, eight hours of sleep, eat more vegetables, cut-back on mileage, at least speed, maybe incorporate doubles

Training: am, 60,sun,stroller, 13 miles at an average of 8:53 pace through Nashawtuc and the Senior PGA golf tournament, we were asked for tickets-it’s a public road shut off.

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  1. That's some serious mileage. Great week!