Sunday, June 10, 2007

REPORT: Marathon- Conditioning Week Two

A lighter week with two notable events, first are the new training shoes and second a 5K race. The NB 767s felt fine for running from Tu-Fr but the right inner shin problem came back. I had to pull out of Saturday’s run because it felt wooden. It may have cleared itself after a warm-up but with a race the next day it wasn’t worth it.

Race morning brought nice sunny low 70 degree weather on a mostly flat course. On the w\u I stopped near the train bridge before South Bridge over the Concord River, to rub out the wooden right leg, B caught me. It felt like it would hold up, I was duly cautioned.

A 5:09 and then a 5:35 were the first two mile splits. About a half-mile a HS Track runner pulled up along side me to share the lead. I said to him “glad to see someone else up here”. I was looking to break 17:00 and would want company. Never looked at the watch.

I broke the course record (17:21) by ten seconds but came in second place. The kid ran a 16:53; good for him. My last 2K were a shuffle, I ran by feel for the whole race. Breathing was hard early on, but I told myself this is what 5Ks are all about, pain, and pain that is short lived. After the race I commented that I felt like I had lung burn, my lack of speed work? A new masters PR in 17:11 for a 5:32\mile pace. Eleven seconds short of goal.

Weekly Review
Total Miles: 60.70
Number of Workouts: 7
Stretching: fell off
Yoga: none
P\U, S\U: should try the abs of steel next week, again…
Notes: Right leg pain and 5K Race
Issues to Note: Return NB 767 shoes for Sauconys
Next Week Goal: Need to spend some time laying this out, will put on training log

Will be looking for another run this afternoon.


  1. Excellent time and place, Mark! Great job.

  2. Knocking on the door of a sub 17. Fantastic!