Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tempo Run – Crashed

The accumulation of a thirteen day streak took it’s toll as this morning’s tempo faded around the sixth mile. I had a feeling from the start when grabbing the iPod that it would be a challenge. The 2.5 mile warm-up was slow.

The tempo first three miles settled okay but the continual downhill running of the out back could be felt in the quads. By the time I reached Pratts Mill it was fizzling out with form going away and the head looking more and more down at the ground. The liveliness was gone and it was four miles from home.

I took a different route home to spare a half mile but still arriving ten minutes late. End result was the same average pace as yesterday (stroller). Next is to see what I can muster up for tomorrow’s long run. Next week will need to be a pull-back.

Training: am,sun,60, 10M at a 7:51 pace average crashed and shuffled the last 4M

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  1. It happens to the best of us. Carb up and good luck tomorrow.